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Do you know where your library card is?


Something I rediscovered last year was my local library. One of my fondest memories as a child is going to the Library with my father. My father was illiterate but every Monday evening he would take me and my friends to the Library. In one of the visits my father talked me into getting a book on the Seminole Indian Chief Osceola.

I needed to do a report and my father thought doing it on Chief Osceola was a great idea. My guess is he wanted to know about Chief Osceloa so getting me to read the book and tell him about it achieved his goal. In truth it is the only report I can remember doing in grade school.

Through the years I have used the Library, especially when in College, however as a civilian (not in College) I have preferred the method of buying books. Mind you, I didn’t say reading books, just buying them! As my good friend Julie says, “I am a book buyer.”

When I rejoined my book club last year I realized I really didn’t want to buy every book we were reading. Most of the books are good for one read – they are not books I want to keep. So I decided to reintroduce myself to the Library. I actually had to get a Library card because I had long lost mine.

Since getting my Library card I have had a great time checking books out of the Library. For example if I see an interview with an author on television or hear one on the radio, instead of running out and buying the book, I check it out from the Library first. I am currently reading “When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win” by Carol Leifer.
Sometimes I do check out a book that I end up buying. But for me that is great. At least that way I know that I will use the book. Some books are keepers!

I just went on my Library site today and reserved several books, all on social media. I went to Amazon, found the books I was looking for, then went to my Library site and reserved them. When the books are in, my Library will send me an email and I will go to the Library and pick them up. It just can’t get any easier.

If you haven’t been to your Library in a long time, dust off your Library card and go. Just browse and see what is there. If you haven’t been in awhile you will be surprised by what you see, lots of computers! No card files! And displays that look like they belong in Barnes and Nobles!

Let me know how your library adventures go.

Here’s to taking action,


2 comments to Do you know where your library card is?

  • I LOVE my library card! And using the library is easier than ever with the Internet. I was a book-buyer, too, and now do the same thing you do. Just finished a good one: "Talent is Overrated" and am now reading "Outliers." I don't know how I ordered them together, but I think they're going to tell different stories about how successful people become successful.

  • Alyson:

    Okay I made a list and will be checking with my Library to get the books you spoke about.

    That is a great thing about the Library, you can put your name on a list and when they have the book they will email you.

    I have a book right now, The Lace Reader, that is waiting for me to pick it up.

    Although I still buy books, I love the library too!


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