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Write it down get it done


Okay so the blogging on the daily action isn’t going all that well, however I am thrilled to report that the daily action is. Things are beginning to really start to move and I am watching my calendar fill up. It is getting very exciting. It is amazing what daily action will do. It stirs up the energy and gets things moving.

I was listening to a CD today as I was driving around doing my errands. The speaker was sharing time management tips and he said his number one tip was to make a list of every thing you needed to do each day. He said if you write it down you will get it done. The other thing he said to do was set an egg timer for 15 minutes and work on one thing during that period of time. He said you will be amazed at what you can get done in such a short amount of time.

This is exactly what I have been saying. Writing down what you are going to do every day is so powerful – it is one of the keys to making the 90 Day Power Process work. The other key is to not try to get a lot done but consistently get a little done. I too advise setting a timer for a specific amount of time that you will work on something. During that time you don’t answer the telephone, email or do anything else. You will be surprised how much you can get done when you focus 100% on the task at hand.

Today write down what you need to do and then do it. Don’t try to get a lot done, just focus on the 3-5 most important things that will get you closer to your goals!

Keep going with your daily action, every day you take a step towards your goal you are that much closer to achieving it.

Here’s to taking action,


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