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Birthday gift ideas


This year for my sisters birthday (I sure hope she isn’t reading the blog) I plan on giving her a card party. The idea came from my Aunt Linda, my mom’s sister. For my mom’s last birthday before she died my Aunt gave her a birthday card party. She had everyone that knew my mom send a card c/o my Aunt and my Aunt collected them all and presented them to my mom on her birthday. My mom loved it. It was especially touching because although my dad was already gone he had filled out a card for my mom and had given it to my Aunt. So for my sister I am going to collect up 45 birthday cards and send them to her starting mid-October. Her birthday isn’t until November however I figure it might take awhile to get that many cards so I am starting early. I plan on finding really unique and different ones. I want them to be special. I also don’t plan on signing all of them myself. I am going to ask friends to sign the cards and write something special to my sister. I will mail the cards however it will be fun to have other people put their wishes in the card. I plan on creating a birthday party in my sisters mail box!

Another great idea for birthdays somewhat on the same vein is giving a person a gift for every year they are old. I usually do this when someone has a big birthday like 40 or 50. It isn’t as difficult or as expensive as it sounds. I find all kinds of great little gifts, wrap each one (that is key to this gift) and present it in a really cool container like a hat box. Everyone I have given this gift to loves it.

My personal favorite gift is one I adapted from Oprah and I call it “My favorite things for your birthday” gift. I give my friends my favorite things. I have a friend that has an upcoming birthday and I am planning on giving her a dvd of my favorite movie (The Greatest Game Ever Played), a pair of false eyelashes (yep I wear them), a little pedicure kit (seen it on a late night info commercial and love it) and the best tanning lotion ever! These are just a few of my favorite things! My friends tell me they love it because it exposes them to things they never knew about or wanted to try but had not gotten around to.

So if you are wondering what to get that special person for their birthday there are few of my best ideas. I would love to hear yours! What is your favorite gift to give someone?

Here’s to taking action,


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