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Talk is cheap

Talk is cheap

It is easy to talk about what you will do. Talk is cheap and takes little effort. Although talk might make you feel like you are moving along or that you will someday take action, it doesn’t help you accomplish anything unless you back it up with action. Talk is the beginning not the end of achievement. Unless you decide to take action the talk is a big waste of breath.

Many people talk about getting things done and achieving goals, but talk will not get you what you want. It is a start. Words can help formulate a plan and get you started, but, without any action to backup the words, nothing is going to happen. You have to do and not just talk.

It is easy to say what you are going to do. It is much more challenging to do it. However, words are powerful and can assist in guiding and directing you. Words can get you started, but alone they won’t be enough. You must pair words with action, and once you do, you will be surprised at what a powerful pair they make. Words will get you started and action will help you complete the goals.

Coaching Question

Are you ready to back your words up with action? I would love to hear what you are ready to do to back up your words with action!

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