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Are your communication skills costing you money?

Monday, October 5th at 3:00 pm MT on Live the Day Radio

Have you ever lost business because of a poor sales presentation, or an inept informational briefing? How about an e -mail or formal document that shouts, “I don’t care about you, reader”? You’re not alone. In this informative and fun interview with Grammar Maven Dee Dukehart you will find out how you can gain business with a few vital communication tools and techniques.

Do you freeze when you have to organize and deliver a presentation? The top two skills that companies are begging for are excellent business writing skills and powerful presentation skills.

Although talking about grammar may not sound exciting, Dee makes learning how to put your best self forward with words fun and informative. You will learn the secrets of making yourself look good and stand out just by using great grammar!!!

To find out more about Dee, visit her website at

Listen live to Dee and I as we discuss how to shine with words. If you miss the show or want to listen to past shows you can do so by going to Blog Talk Radio.
You can also listen to past shows and get the updates on Live the Day Radio at

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