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I must have missed that in the training – Day From Friday October 20, 2006


Today’s day talked about companies and their employees that assume as customers we know their process and procedure. I told about a situation at Grease Monkey and how the employee was rude to me because I didn’t know the new process. I told him “I must have missed that in the Grease Monkey customer training.” I don’t mean to pick on Grease Monkey, they certainly are not alone. I recently visited a spa in New Mexico that thought I should know that it was part of their process to provide a bathing suit to visiting guest that didn’t have one and that I should know I had to tell the cashier that I wanted to put the tip on my credit card before she processed my purchase. The massage was great, but how I was treated by the rest of the staff rubbed me the wrong way. It is really too bad, it was a nice place, just missed the mark when it came to customer service.

One of the members of 365 Days of Coaching Kathryn Severns emailed me and said I should send the day to Grease Monkey – what a fabulous idea Kathryn. I goggled them and found they are locally located, which surprised me. It also surprised me that they didn’t have an email address listed. But I do have a stamp so I will be mailing the day off to Grease Monkey today.

The idea behind the day is as the customer you don’t have to feel stupid because you don’t know what the process and procedures are of the company you are buying something from. Please! In addition this is a good concept to keep in mind. When you are on the other side of the counter don’t treat your customer like a dummy because they don’t know how your operations work.

Make it a great weekend.

Live the Day

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