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Back from LA


I think I just committed the number one blogging sin, I haven’t blogged for over a week. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long, whew time flies when one is busy.

I flew out to LA last week to attend the On-line Success Blueprint Workshop with The E-Zine Queen. The workshop was amazing and I came home with my head stuffed full of ideas, not to mention a binder that is stuffed with information as well. It was well worth the time, effort and cold I caught while I was there.

Last week I wrote in one of the Days that I had put meeting the Queen down on my list of 100 things I wanted to do before I die list. Well I did get to meet the Queen, but not quite who I was thinking about when I put that on my list. I meant the Queen of England. A lesson in the need to be very specific when you are making request and setting your intentions.
I had also mentioned that I had put on my list of 100 things to do before I die that I wanted to have my picture on a US Postage Stamp (and not be dead when it happened). Well that actually happened also, I did get my picture on a US Postage Stamp. Really cool. It is a tad bit more than one would pay for a regular stamp, but so much more fun. Check it out at Would be great for the holidays or any occassion where you don’t just want to use an ordinary stamp.
If you are up in the morning, Thursday November 16 at 7:50am mt tune into Sassy 107FM. I will be doing a five minute spot with Gloria the host of the morning show. The topic is “Your life is not a Democoracy.” Should be fun. Hopefully I will have my voice back and won’t go into a coughing fit.
Speaking of Radio, Karen Van Cleve will be my guest this Sunday on Live the Day with Coach Lee. Coach Karen is the author of 66 Simple Secrets to Save Your Sanity. The topic of the show is “If at first you don’t succeed, join the club.” This was a day I wrote awhile back and points out that the road to success is through failure. If you are in the local Denver Metro area you can listen to the show on 710 KNUS. If you are outside of the area you can listen on your computer at If you miss the show on Sunday you can listen to it about a week later on my website We usually have the last couple of shows streaming for those who missed it or simply want to listen to them again.
I have to tell you the best part about going to California. I flew in a day early and spent the afternoon and evening a the Peninsula Beverly Hills. It was amazing. I had lunch pool side on the terrace, which is on the roof of the hotel. There were amazingly beautiful people just hanging out. After lunch I went to the Spa and had a two hour massage with Rose Mary, hands down the best massage I have ever had. Then I had a pedicure with Irene, an Ice Cream pedicure to be specific. No I didn’t soak my feet in ice cream, all the lotions and potions they used for the pedicure were ice cream flavors. Irene also brought me a glass of champagne, my second while at the hotel (had one for lunch with my $25.00 fish tacos) and a light snack of dried apricots and nuts. After my pedicure I went downstairs to the lobby and had tea with all the trimmings (yes another class of champagne). It was wonderful just sitting there watching all the beautiful people. I was hoping to spot a start but to tell you the truth they all looked like stars. If you are ever in Beverly Hills with a free afternoon this is a must do.
Well I think we are all caught up. I will let you know how the show goes tomorrow. Should be fun.
Live the Day

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