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Okay lets stop singing "Let it Snow"


Wow if you have been hearing anything about the weather in Denver let me assure you it is all true. We have been getting more of our fair share of the white powdery stuff. Eight more inches on Sunday (Jan. 21, 2007) on top of what we already had that hasn’t had a chance to melt. The dogs are going crazy as there is not much grass and they hate going in the snow!
On Sunday I decided to go to the grocery store inspite of the blizzard. When we opened our garage door we found our next door neighbor stuck in the snow. We ended up helping her get out, which helped us too because she was blocking the way.
Tried to make a snowperson but the snow is not wet enough. Very dry, great for skiing, not so good for making snow sculpter.
Still haven’t taken the snowshoes out for a run yet but plan on doing that this week, if all the birthday fun doesn’t get in the way. Yep my birthday is January 26. If you are a subscriber to 365 DOC you know that is a big day and you are invited!
Make it a great week.
Live the Day,

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