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Hawaii 50


My friend Kathryn celebrated her 50th birthday with a Hawaii 50 Party. Lots of fun and festivities. My husband Adrian and I had matching outfits (the ones in the red), as did Chuck and Jackie.
I love parties and if I were not doing what I am doing I would be a party planner. Theme parties are great because they allow the guest to participate and make the decorations and food easier.
If you have a birthday coming up pick a theme and plan a party. One should always celebrate the special events in their life.
PS – Here is a day I wrote several years ago on celebrating your “Birth” Day.
Happy “Birth” Day
I love birthdays. I believe they are the best holidays because they give me an opportunity to celebrate my life with my friends and family. Birthdays are a time to reflect, plan and enjoy the great life we were given.
I have a few friends who don’t celebrate their birthdays because they don’t think that the day is all that special. I believe it is the most special day of all, and we should take the opportunity not only to celebrate ourselves, but the people who have supported, cared for and, most of all, gotten us here. However you choose to celebrate your day, include the special people who have helped support you through the years.
Coaching Question
When was the last time you celebrated just being you?
Coaching Challenge
Whenever your birthday, plan to celebrate it. There is a trend for people celebrating big on their special days, so you might need some time to plan the big event. However, until the special day arrives, make sure that you take time each day to celebrate the special person you are, and acknowledge those who have helped you become that person.

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