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A story of hope


In the Day that was published on August 8, 2007, I told the story of Anne Marie Hochhalter, one of the survivors of the Columbine High School shooting that happened in 1999. I don’t personally know Anne Marie although I live in the area. I was simply touched by her story and how she is doing now. Oddly enough I was introduced to Anne Marie in my health insurance magazine. An article about her appeared in this months issue. To find out more about Anne Marie simply put her name into good and you will come up with a lot of information. One of the best articles I found was one published in the Rocky Mountain News.

What I love about Anne Marie’s story is that she made a decision to live her life. She didn’t choose to have this happen to her, but she did make the choice of how she would handle it and move on with her life. She is a true inspiration.

Live the Day


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