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Self Improvement Month – Get your Career in Gear


What better time to take stock of your career than during Self Improvement Month. I was chatting with a client today that doesn’t hate her job, but isn’t happy with it either. I suggested that she start looking for a job she would love. Her reply was, “Don’t you think most people are unhappy with their jobs. Isn’t that normal.” My reply sad enough was “Yes most people are unhappy in their jobs, but do you have to be one of them?” If you don’t love what you do for most of the day you are wasting your life, and I mean that literally. Stop and assess what you are doing and what you need to do to have a career that you love, that supports you and that brings out the best in you. You deserve it.

My best friend and feng shui guru Kathryn Weber included an article in her newsletter this week about how to improve your career with feng shui. I love her practical and easy suggestions on how to change your environment and improve your life.

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Feng Shui First Aid for Your Career

Enhancing careers with feng shui is a popular subject in feng shui. Second to generating wealth, energizing the career sector ranks high in interest among those interested in using feng shui to better their lives.

It makes sense due to the amount of time we spend at our jobs. It also is understandable because to have a successful career enables us to make better decisions for ourselves and our families.

By this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you simply make more money, because money doesn’t solve all the ills of career problems. Of course, it doesn’t hurt. However, there are plenty of people out there making good salaries but unhappy with their respective careers.

When you energize areas that you would like to improve, it’s possible to open up a range of possibilities. For instance, by energizing your career sector, your job may suddenly become better, or something new and better will be coming to you that you hadn’t expected at all, such as a business opportunity.

But this is the price of making changes — you get more changes in your life, and therefore, more choices! And, that’s what you usually want in your life: more opportunities and choices to create greater happiness for yourself and your family.

There are two critical areas to enhance if you want to improve your career: your house and your office. Below are ideas for both. However, these are not ALL the possible suggestions; only some of the most basic ones.

STEP ONE: Your Home

6 Key Steps

1. Look north. Make sure the north sector of your home is in good order. If your north sector is missing or if there is a toilet here, activate the north sector of your living room and office.

2. If your bedroom is in the north: This can be enhanced by decorating with blue or black, a picture of water (not overly large, however), and metal (preferably gold-colored) objects.

3. A north-facing home: Make the entrance to your home as attractive as possible to invite new opportunities. Make it neat and easy to come into by removing obstacles, blockages, dying plants, worn out welcome mats, etc.

By the way, DON’T buy welcome mats with your name on it you’ll be walking on your good name! Place an image of a turtle or fish here. Be sure to block any views that go straight through from the front of the house to the back or you’ll be missing opportunities (and losing money!).

4. Look south. Display peacock feathers in the south portion of the home and keep this area well-lit. The south represents recognition. A grouping of nine candles would be excellent here as well. Consider painting the south room in your house red, orange, or a shade of red.

5. Welcome career opportunities. Keep a light in the entrance to your home turned on. A chandelier with crystal prisms that cast the different colors about the entryway is especially good.

Or, hang a crystal below your light to cast colored prisms about the foyer. These are especially helpful if your stairs face or end close to the front door; good opportunities go right on out the door!

6. Add water to the front of your home. Consider putting in a water fountain (on the left side of the door as you look out of the house) inside the house or outside. (A water feature on the right side of the house invites cheating in the marriage.) If you put in a water feature outside your home, make sure the water appears to be flowing toward the house. This is one of the best ways to bring opportunities to your door.

Step Two: Your Office

8 Key Elements

1. Sit in a power position by facing (but not in direct line with) the door. Don’t sit with your back to the door ever. If your furnishings in your office or cubicle are built in, then turn your computer so that you can see someone coming from either your left or right side.

2. Tap your pa kua number. Face your personal best directions if at all possible, but never ignoring #1 above. Use as many of your personal best directions as possible!

3. Stop gossip. If gossip is a problem in your career, get a statue of a rooster and place it on your desk to look at anyone coming into the office. This will help curb some of the talk in the office.

4. Get support. This is extremely important for a good career and why you should have something solid behind you. If you have a window at your back, you will suffer from lack of support. Turn so that there is a wall behind you.

Also, make certain that there is not a bookshelf or open cabinets at your back. Place these where they are not in direct line with you or your desk. This also means making sure you don’t have any bookshelves shelves facing you. Move these if you do. Also be certain you don’t have a hallway, stairs, or other entry that is exactly opposite your desk.

5. Enhance your wealth corner. Place a plant in the SE corner of your office. Get rid of spindly, weak plants. Better to have a pretty silk plant than a real plant that is dying.

6. Be recognized. Trouble getting noticed? Place a lamp in the S corner of your office for more recognition. Also, place red objects, stones, or crystals in this location. The larger the stone, the better. Definitely go for heft and girth!

7. Activate your career sector. Place a tortoise in the north corner of your office to symbolize water and support. Or, place a big picture of water here. If you want to go all out, place an aquarium here with eight gold fish and one black gold fish.

8. Get help. It’s the “who you know principle” that you want to engage. So, make sure the NW corner is activated. You want mentors or people to help you, right? If so, place a rock or geode here, or place metal objects in this location. Stereos and electronics are also good placed in the NW to bring helpful people and mentors to you. Gold, silver, or white objects are good when placed here. Try hanging a 6-rod windchime with hollow rods in this sector.

Special Note: Don’t forget that the southeast has the wonderful white 1 star in 2007. That means water in this sector can bring you fantastic career luck that brings in money and a raise in pay!

©Kathryn Weber

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