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The Pile Challenge


Okay I have a challenge for you, and I am including myself. I have a pile on my desk that I just haven’t been able to get rid of. The rest of my office is in pretty good shape, but this pile won’t go away. So I have decided to take matters into my own hands and get rid of it once and for all. I am giving myself one week in which to dispense with the pile. I have a timer and will set it for 15 minutes a day. That might not sound like much but it makes it more manageable and not so overwhelming. I think one reason this pile has gotten so out of hand is I am not sure what is in there and it just looks like a lot of work! So I am breaking it down to bite size pieces.

So here is your challenge. Find an organizing project you have been putting off and tackle it this week. You only have to spend 15 minutes a day! Within a week you will have it done or at least a good start on it. So you up for it? Post on the blog what challenge you selected and how it is going. May the force be with you!

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