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Move your stuff and have a great New Year


Well just a few more days before we hit the New Year. I plan on doing some feng shui tomorrow, December 31, to get my home ready for the coming abundance and prosperity I can feel rolling in. I subscribe to close to if not over 100 e-zines. I know it is an addiction. One of my favorite ones because it is just so simple and easy to read is “Abundant Space” by a local Denver feng shui consultant Amie Crouch. In this issue of Amie’s ezine she makes four simple suggestions for bringing in the New Year, which I plan on doing all of them.

1. Intentionally move 27 items in your home. An example is to switch the salt and pepper shakers.

2. Fill your wallet with paper money. Even if it is all singles it sends a message to the universe.

3. Using bleach (small amount) and water wipe down the entryway to your home. This allows new energy to come into your home.

4. Purge anything negative in your home!

Step one, intentionally move 27 items is a great idea. I first heard of this concept in my all time favorite feng shui book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life – How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect, and Happiness by Karen Rauch Carter. She talks about the power of moving your stuff and stirring up the chi (energy) in your home. Okay I will be doing this tomorrow.

The second one is interesting because I have already done something very similar. In my favorite book for 2007 “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting – the astonishing power of feeling’s by Lynn Grabhorn. Lynn suggest that you carry a $100 bill at all times to give yourself the feeling of abundance and prosperity. I have done this for a month and it really makes a difference. I haven’t spent the money but I see things and say, “Oh I could buy that right now.” (that is actually part of the exercise). You spend the money over and over in your mind until you really feel the sense that you can have whatever you want. Tomorrow I will go to the bank and get some more money and put it in my wallet just so I feel even more prosperous.

I like the idea of cleaning the entry way of my home. It just happens to be in my Career Sector of the Bagua. It could use some touch ups. I need to get rid of the old bench and the dead plants in flower pots that are on my porch. Not good chi.

And of course get rid of anything negative in your home. I would say that is anything broken, not used, not loved or not wanted. Don’t keep something in your home just because Aunt Tish gave it to you. Take a picture of it and give it to someone who will love and cherish it. My rule is I have nothing in my home that I don’t want, love and use.

So lets ring in the New Year and bring in that good chi!

Here’s to taking action,


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