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Resources to help you make the New Year Great!


I have been writing a lot about Goal Setting in 365 Days of Coaching ( The New Year just seems like a great time to set new goals and create a new start. There is really nothing magical about the New Year it just seems like a great time to begin anew.

I have been doing lots of research for all my goal setting Days so I thought I would share some of the great resources I have found on goal setting and how to make sure you reach the goals you set. In addition I am sharing some of the sites that will help you not only reach your goals but will also assist you in having a wonderful life. That really should be a goal anyway, right?


Goal Setting Guide – 77 Goals Setting Tips for Success In Life

Single Step provides an overview of goal setting using the SMART goal process. There is also a free goal setting worksheet that you can download. is a fun website where you set a goal, decide on a reward if you make the goal and donate to charity if you don’t make the goal. You can hook up with Betcha buddies to help you succeed and there are tools on the site to help you with your goals. The process is free.

The website Happy For No reason, same name as the book Marci Shimoff wrote, will help you have a Happier Year. Sign up for Marci’s newsletter and receive tips and secrets on how to be happy for no reason. I also highly recommend the book, Happy for no reason. It would be a good one to add to your collection this year.

What would the New Year be like without passion. Visit the Passion Test website and take the Passion Test Profile.

TUT’s Adventure Club – This is home of Mike Dooley and Notes from the Universe. Notes from the Universe is an e-zine that is delivered five days a week and brings amazing wisdom and insight. It is one of my favorites and I read it almost every day. It helps keep me stay focused and on track and reminds me of what I am really here for.

Hungry Girl is one of the best sites and e-zines on the Internet (my humble opinion). If eating healthier this year is a goal you must sign up for the Hungry Girl e-zine. It is funny, informative and packed with lots of ideas about how to eat good food that is good for you.

Here’s to taking action,


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