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Happy Birthday To Me


I celebrated my birthday last week and what a blast. I truly believe in celebrating birthdays. I consider birthdays to be one of the most important holidays of the year. Really, how often do you get a day dedicated to you?

In the past I have even celebrated an entire month in which I called “My Birthday Day Month.” This year I celebrated the eve of the eve of my birthday, my birthday eve, the actual day and my birthday weekend. Birthday’s only come once a year, you might as well get as much as you can from them.

I have included a few pictures from my party. Just kept it low key this year. Had several of my best-friends meet me at my favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes. I felt really bad for the people sitting right behind us as I think they were trying to have a quiet romantic lunch and we were anything but quiet! I gave the woman of the couple a party bag for having to deal with us during lunch.

I did fix party bags for all my guest and they were a big hit. Again why not spurge when it is your birthday and have fun with it. I filled the bags will my favorite things and some silly stuff as well like a lip gloss ring and glitter puddy!

I got so many nice gifts. All my friends were very generous and creative with their gifts. My sister gave me a gift that was very special. I have a tradition that when it is someones special birthday (and I decide what makes it special) I give them as many gifts as they are old. I have done this with my nephew for years, which actually was pretty easy when he was in the single digits. Gets a little more challenging when the person is older. My sister had a challenge as she needed to wrap (wrapping all the gifts is essential – it makes it really fun to open that many gifts) 48 gifts. They were all really nice gifts and it was so much fun opening all the presents. I was really surprised and I will admit a bit overwhelmed.

I actually thought that giving a gift for each year a person was old was a family tradition although I couldn’t remember who started it. My sister says she never remembers anyone in my family doing this except me. So I am not sure where I got the idea but every time I give the present/age gift the receiver loves it.

Start thinking about what you would like to do for your birthday this year. You can keep it simple or be very extravagant. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you celebrate the day.

Here’s to taking action


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  • Oh, I’m so bummed I couldn’t be there! But I’m really looking forward to seeing you soon and catching up. You ARE the princess (I like that word better than queen)!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Rochelle!!! Thanks for coaching every day to live life to the full. May 48 (and many more) incredible blessings rain on you in the year to come!
    Much Love,

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