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One month and going strong


It has been one month since we started the Daily Action Power Process. It has gone really fast which tells me that it is important to stay focused and on track or time can easily get away from us.

I made three goals in the beginning which was to focus on my marketing, my speed reading and walking every day. I had to tweak the goals, start over twice and adjust what I wanted to do each day. What I learned is that one of the most important things the process offers is focus. I didn’t have to guess about what I would do each day or what my objectives were, I already knew.

I also find that planning the day the evening before is powerful. That way you don’t start the day wondering what you will do, you already have it structured and planned out. It makes is so much easier.

I also find that doing just a few small steps each day is extremely powerful. Although it might not feel like I am doing much in the moment, when I look over what has happened over time I see I have gotten a lot accomplished.

I will be announcing something very special on Monday that will help you with the process. I have heard from many people that they like the concept but they can’t stay motivated. I can help you with that and I will be letting you know more on Monday.

I would love to hear how the Process is working for you. What has been your greatest accomplishment in the last month and what has been your greatest challenge?

Here’s to taking action


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