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Only You're Welcome will Do


Many people have forgotten their manners and don’t say thank you when a thank you is required. When someone holds a door open for you, allows you to go ahead of him, or picks up something you dropped, a thank you is in order. However, there is a second part of that equation. When someone says “Thank you” the proper response is “You’re welcome.”

I stopped one of the clerks at my local grocery store and asked where they had moved an item. He quickly told me and I said, “Thank you.”
“Whatever,” he replied.

I was so taken back that I didn’t have the wits about me to stop him and say, “The proper reply is ‘You’re welcome.'” This isn’t the first time I have noticed that people don’t give a thank you proper respect. I have had people say everything from “No worries” to “Not a problem.” I acknowledge the good deed that has been done out of respect. The least the person can do is show me respect and acknowledge my thank you by welcoming it.

Any response other than “You’re welcome” to “Thank you” is rude. If you have to add something, say, “You’re welcome. It was my pleasure” or something along those lines. Telling someone that they are not a problem or you are not worried doesn’t make sense and doesn’t invoke a warm and fuzzy feeling. If that person is a customer, they probably feel that you don’t appreciate their appreciation. Get back into the habit of saying “You’re welcome” when someone thanks you. It will help to create connection and will show appreciation and acceptance for the other person’s gratitude.

What is your response to “Thank you?”


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