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Grow where you are planted


One of the most important things you can do is make the best of where you are. Not that you have to stay there, however while you are there wouldn’t it just be better to make the best of it until you can move on. In fact by making the best of where you are you will often be offered opportunities that you wouldn’t have received if you were complaining and making the worst of it.

I have been in many situations where it wasn’t the best however by making the most of the situation I was in I was often able to move forward faster. I didn’t waste my energy complaining about where I was, I focused my energy on where I wanted to be.

Often I would notice what people that were where I wanted to be were doing. I would model there behavior. Early on I noticed that people that had degrees were more likely to be promoted over people who did not have a higher education. Instead of complaining about being passed over I enrolled in college and began working on my degree.

The day I wrote for 365 Days of Coaching last Friday was about growing where you are planted and being the best plant, regardless if that is a weed, that you can be. I believe that if you make the best of where you are planted moving on will be much easier. Through making the best of a situation you will learn valuable skills, not the least of which are survival skills. Simply complaining about your lot in life won’t get you where you want to be and often will keep you stuck where you are.

The picture that I put with Fridays 365 Days of Coaching and included in this posting is actually from my garden. This volunteer plant just started growing in my garden. My husband wanted to get rid of it as it looked like an ugly weed when it first appeared. I convinced him to leave it alone. I was curious as to what it would grow into. This plant without any care from me has become a hardy specimen. It simply is making the best of the situation. I counted the flowers on it today and there are 25 blooming flowers with as many buds set to bloom. Wow, now that is what I call growing to your fullest potential right where you are planted.

Are you growing where you are planted?

Here’s to taking action


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