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Connecting the dots


This is a review of the speech made at Stanford by Steve Jobs. It is an amazing speech, one I have listened to at least half a dozen times and have a copy of the transcript. He is an amazing person, has created an amazing life, and has an amazing story to tell. Watch the video, it is well worth the time.

I based the July 21st issue of 365 Days of Coaching on this speech.

Steve Jobs is one of my hero’s. His life is an amazing example of how following your curiosity and intuition can create your life. His path was not obvious but he followed it anyway.

I liked how he points out in his speech that by dropping out you can drop into what you need to do. You can’t connect the dots by looking forwards only by looking backwards. You have to trust that the dots will connect.

He points out that sometimes the worse thing that can happen to you is often the best thing. By being rejected you can discover something new and go on to be more creative than you might ever knew you could be.

Watch the video. It really will made you realize that life is a process and the only thing you can do sometimes is to keep on going.

Here’s to taking action


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