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Make Friendship A Priority

Sunday August 3 was International Friendship Day.

Many people have mentioned to me that this is the year they are going to focus on friendships. Some intend to create new ones while others want to work on the ones they have. Friendship is vital to our well being and, unfortunately in this hurry up and do more world, creating and maintaining friends can be challenging. If you are serious about having more and better friendships then the key is to make your friendships a priority.

If you want to make new friends, one thing for certain is you can’t do that by sitting at home in front of the television. You need to get out and mingle. Join a book club, a fitness club, or volunteer for a charity. Doing things that interest you will connect you will people that have common interest.

If you want to work on the friendships that you have, begin by contacting your friend(s) and setting up a time to get together. You might create a regular time to meet, or commit to talking on the telephone at least once a week, or e-mailing each other regularly. It takes time, energy and commitment to be a friend and have healthy friendships. If that is your intention prepare to work at being the kind of friend you want to have.

There is a lot of research coming out that backs up the need for friends. Not only does friendship help to reduce stress and lower risks for other aliments, friendship can help you lose or maintain a healthy weight. Now that is a great reason to make and keep friends. But even if weight isn’t a concern, friendship is a good bet to increase the overall enjoyment of life.

The challenge is friendships don’t just happen. They need to be nurtured and managed. If you want to increase the number of friends you have or increase the depth of your current friendships, the key is to focus on your friends. You have to make a commitment to make friendship a priority and create opportunities for your friendships to prosper.

Here’s to taking action


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