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Summer Fun with Friends

The picture is of me (third from the left) enjoying some girlfriend time at my friend Kathryn Avery’s (creator of Tiara Training) new home. Kathryn threw a pampering party where pedicures were being given! My friend Laurie Cameron (author of The Journey from Fear to Love) was there which was a great treat. I haven’t seen Laurie in too long of time although we recently caught up over the telephone. Julie Byerlein, far right, is a great friend and I was so glad to see her. She is crazy busy right now with her new business, Dems Do Denver. She has created a great line of buttons for the Democratic Convention that feature local artist. She even got a mention in the New York Times! Go Julie.

I have written several days in 365 Days of Coaching on the health benefits of friends. Research shows that people who have friends tend to have stronger immune systems, live longer, have less health problems in general and have a better outlook on life. If you needed any reasons to have friends I believe those are all good ones.

I am so fortunate to have great friends. I am not sure what I would do without my friends. They are there to support me in good times and in challenging times. They have seen me at my best and at my worst and love me anyway. Oddly enough research shows that family cannot provide the same support, understanding and empathy that friends can.

Friendship does take time. To have friends you have to be a friend. That means staying in touch, making time for your friends and being there for the good and challenging times. Although friendship is an investment in time it is an investment that pays back in many ways.

I have to say that making time for friends isn’t alway the easiest thing to do. However I notice when I don’t I just don’t feel as good. Just a few hours of friend time time will bring me right back to center.

This summer make time for your friends. Even if it is just a simple get together at someone’s home, it will be great to connect and enjoy the connection.

Here’s to taking action

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