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Happy Birthday to Me!


Today is my birthday and I don’t mind telling you I am 49! I was born on January 26, 1960 at 5:45am. I was early, which my mom always said it was the only time in my life that I arrived early!

I like birthdays because they are an individual holiday. You get to celebrate you! For ways people celebrate birthdays around the world go to Birthday Traditions!

It depends, this year I am having a very low key birthday but there have been birthdays when I have gone all out. It really doesn’t matter what you do on your birthday as long as you celebrate it. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate your life and who you are.

I also don’t just celebrate one day, I like to say I am having a Birthday Month. I celebrate throughout the month with friends and family. This week I am having lunches and dinners out with friends and family all week and will even be going for a Pedicure with my friend Kathleen. All to celebrate the day I was born! Got to love that.

And what gift did I want for my birthday? A fish! My fish died a couple months ago and I really miss him. I told my husband all I wanted for my birthday is a piece of Vegan Chocolate cake and a fish! Hopefully I will have pictures to share of the new fish soon.

Birthdays are important and need to be celebrated. How will you celebrate your birthday?

Here’s to taking action,


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