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Listen to Live the Day Monday March 8th at 3pm MT
An interview with Kate Dendrinos-Rickel and Shawn Rickel

This powerful story of hope, love, and never giving up is sure to inspire anyone going through a health or physical challenge where the situation looks bleak.

It is the true story of Kate Dendrinos-Rickel’s incredible journey back to health after a motorcycle accident in 2002.

Initially and in her years of recovery after the accident she should have died not once, not twice, but three times and fought her way back to wholeness in spite of impossible odds.

Join me as I interview Kate and Shawn as they share their story of love, courage and hope. Kate and Shawn will share the lessons they learned from this extrodinary adventure.

Listen on Live the Day Radio Monday Feburary 8th at 3pm. If you want to be part of the show call in on 646-929-2440.

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