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Monday June 15th at 3pm MST

Make a Better Living Doing What You Love: How to Get Clients or Get Hired in Any Profession

Do you sometimes feel trapped between the desire to earn more and wanting to do work you enjoy? The good news is that you don’t have to make this tough choice. You CAN make a better living doing the work you love! My special Guest C. J. Hayden will help you discover:

o How more people become millionaires by choosing happiness over money (it’s true!)
o Five essential steps to build the business or career you really want
o Why you need to learn the crucial skill of gatecrashing
o Strategic planning tools you must have in order to succeed
o How to use the “power of people” to overcome obstacles and achieve ambitious goals

C.J. Hayden is the bestselling author of Get Clients Now! and Get Hired Now!, and a Master Certified Coach. Since 1992, she has been teaching people to make a better living doing what they love. C.J. specializes in working with social entrepreneurs, activists, and community leaders. She has taught entrepreneurship, marketing, and career skills for hundreds of organizations, including John F. Kennedy University, Mills College, Federal Express, and Marriott. Her articles appear regularly in more magazines and websites than she can keep track of. Find out more about C.J. at or

Monday June 15th 3pm mt hosted on BlogTalk Radio

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