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Buddy the Shoplifting Dog


One of my most favorite things do to is going to Garages Sales. I love them, but haven’t been for a long time. This past weekend my neighborhood had a community wide sale so I decided since it was right in the hood I would see what kind of stuff my neighbors were trying to get rid of.

I found a great sale that had some interesting T-Shirts. The woman had started a business that didn’t go anywhere so she ended up with a lot of T-Shirts in her garage. I bought two of them. While I was getting the T-Shirts Buddy discovered a basket of toys. I noticed the basket and I noticed Buddy noticing the basket but I didn’t pay any attention. As we were walking away I noticed Buddy was holding his head funny so I called his name and he looked up at me. In his mouth was a bright blue ball. Buddy had shoplifted at the Garage Sale.

I immediately turned Buddy around and went back to the garage sale. I tried to get Buddy to release the ball but he was pretty happy with holding onto it. I confessed to the gal that my dog had shoplifted and asked how much he owed her. Seems Buddy took from the 2 for 25 cent basket so he got an extra ball. I wasn’t sure he should be rewarded for his deed but the lady seemed more amused by the theft than upset so I gave her the quarter, she gave me the second ball and all was forgiven.

However Buddy isn’t going to anymore Garage Sales with me. The little sticky pawed Yorkie will have to stay home where he can’t get into any more trouble.


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