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50 Insights in 50 Years – Don't Wear Granny Underwear

Insight 31

Don’t wear granny underwear – It dawned on me one day just because I was getting older didn’t mean I had to wear old fashion granny underwear. So I threw all my white cotton underwear away and headed off to Victoria Secrets! I now feel good all under.

50 Insights in 50 Years

Insight 30

Your health is your wealth – If you don’t have your health you have nothing. I watched my parents lose it all when their health gave out. It isn’t a fun experience! Do whatever you can to maintain your health and everything else will follow.

50 Insights in 50 Years – Eat Your Veggies

Insight 29

Eat your veggies – I have never been a healthy eater – I prefer things in a wrapper over veggies and fruit. However in my advanced years I have begun to recognize the value of eating healthy, at least most of the time. Eating healthy makes me feel better and staves off all kinds of nasty diseases and illnesses. So eat your veggies and stay well.

50 Insights in 50 Years – Be Nice

Insight 28

Be nice – It sounds simple enough but from what I observe is it isn’t always easy to do. I like to think I am a nice person however I have my moments. Work on being nice most of the time. It makes life easier and nicer! The great thing about being nice is when you are nice to others they generally are nice back!

50 Insights in 50 Years – Stay Employable

Insight Number 27

Stay employable – So many people worry about keeping a job and that really is the wrong focus. There will always be jobs out there if you stay employable. You have to keep your skills up, continue to learn and take on new challenges and work assignments. The person that just does the same thing day after day and never tries to learn anything new is going to be the person at a loss when their job is eliminated and they find themselves on the street. Don’t let it happen to you. Also be growing yourself and your skills. That way you will always be employable no matter what happens to your job.

50 Insights in 50 Years – You never know anyone until you divorce them

Insight Number 26

You never know anyone until you divorce them – There is a saying that goes, “You don’t know someone until you marry them.” I believe that you can get to know someone when you marry them but you really get to know someone when you divorce them. During both of my divorces (yep been married three times – the last one took) I got to know a lot about my ex-husbands and to tell you the truth both of them were pretty good guys. Yes there were moments but we were able to part ways without doing much damage. I have also observed how others handle divorces as well. People who divorce well tend to be pretty fair and good people, in good situations and bad ones.

50 Insights in 50 Years – The Boomerang Theory

Insight Number 25

The Boomerang theory – This dove tails nicely with Insight Number 24. Whatever you put out into the world will come back to you. It doesn’t usually come back from the same person or in the same way. How it works is if you put something nice out in the world something nice comes back to you. So it actually benefits you to do random acts of niceness.

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Jacqueline is a sought-after international speaker who has spoken at hundreds of events, including to the National Security Agency and Florida House of Representatives. She’s been on the TODAY SHOW, CNN, and was a cover story of the AARP BULLETIN. Jacqueline also hosts the Coping with Caregiving radio show on, where over 7½ years of her interviews with 1200 healthcare professionals are archived for free worldwide listening-on-demand ( Also a breast cancer survivor, Jacqueline advocates that everyone, especially caregivers, closely monitor their own health.

JACQUELINE’S MISSIONS ARE TO: Encourage long-term care planning; Show healthcare professionals how they can better help families they work with; Empower caregivers with solutions and hope–and to put their own health first; Encourage funding for Alzheimer’s research and heighten early diagnosis awareness; Expose elder abuse and exploitation; Advocate for funding for Adult Day Care Services; Help improve eldercare laws. Her website is

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