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The Prom

To celebrate my 50th Birthday my dear friends Jill and David and their girls hosted a prom in my honor. It was truly amazing. They turned their home into “Prom Night” with everything from a Dance Floor with Disco Ball and a Prom Picture area. We even had a Taro Card Reader. According to my reading I am right on track!

My MasterMind group was there in full Prom attire. Alyson Stanfield (artbizcoach), who got her prom pictures uploaded in record time, wore her original prom dress. Okay that is truly amazing. Elizabeth Yarnell (Glorious One Pot Meals Cookbook Author), wore a recycled dress she bought at an auction, and Cynthia Morris (Creative Impulse) wore an amazing fun outfit that looked fabulous on her (and she brought a cute date).

The biggest surprise of the night (I am totally kidding) was my husband Adrian and I were crowned Prom Queen and King. Actually I hadn’t told Adrian about this part and he was surprised (he is so sweet).

To be honest I was having a challenging time with turning 50 but thanks to my good friends, and I do have very good friends, I am feeling so much better about it. I am ready to continue the adventure and see what the next 50 will bring!!!!!!

Here’s to Turning 50!


50 Insights in 50 Years – Insight Number 24 – Be kind to strangers

Insight Number 24

Be kind to strangers – One of the things I know is it is easy to be nice to friends, that doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. However it is a greater thing to be nice to strangers. Help someone that you don’t know – this is the greatest kindness you can show. Imagine what an amazing world it would be if everyone just helped one stranger a day!

50 Insights in 50 Years – Insight Number 23 – Hair does grow out

Insight Number 23

Hair does grow out – Don’t be afraid to cut, color or whatever to your hair. It will grow out. Hair in fact is one of the safest way to experiment and try a new look. If you don’t like it give it a few months and it will grow out – it will be like it never even happened.

50 Insights in 50 Years – Insight Number 22 – Yes it hurts when you spray mace in your face

Insight Number 22

Yes it hurts when you spray mace in your face – Yes I actually tried this one. I wanted to know what it felt like to have mace sprayed in my face. I was wondering if it would really stop someone if they were attacking me. The answer is yes it hurts and yes it would stop someone. The lesson here, you don’t have to always try something to know that it isn’t a good idea. There are times when taking someone’s word for it is good enough.,

50 Insights in 50 Years – Insight Number 21 – Forever doesn’t last very long

Insight Number 21

Forever doesn’t last very long – One of the things I learned early on in my life is that forever doesn’t last very long. I have had relationships, jobs and even lived places I thought I would be forever. Well forever sometimes lasted only a few months or several years but it didn’t last forever. If you are in a situation that you are not happy with, don’t despair. Forever rarely last for that long.

50 Insights in 50 Years – Insight Number 20 Forgetting isn't going to happen

Insight Number 20

Forgetting isn’t going to happen – My father always said, “I can forgive but I never forget.” When I was growing up I thought that was awful. I had always heard “Forgive and Forget.” Now I realize that people may forgive but usually don’t forget. I am not saying that is the best thing, I am just saying it is human nature.

50 Insights in 50 Years – Forgiveness is the key to happiness

Insight Number 19

Forgiveness is the key to happiness – When I figured out that forgiveness doesn’t have anything to do with the other person but is all about me I was freed. I thought that if I forgave someone for doing something hurtful to me I was letting them off the hook. What I realized was that as long as I didn’t forgive them I was the one on the hook. Forgiving is a gift you give yourself.

50 Insights in 50 Years – Number 18 Smile

Insight Number 18

Smile – When I was getting ready to take my first trip to New York City everyone told me not to smile at anyone in the city because they wouldn’t smile back and that the people were hard and cold. So of course the first thing I did when I got to the city was smile at everyone I saw. You know what, the majority of people smiled back! Smile, if nothing else it will makes you feel better.

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Insight Number 17 – Be kind most of the time

Insight Number 17

Be kind most of the time – It isn’t always easy to be kind and we all have our days, however I have found that being kind is just a much better way to be. Even when someone does something that I don’t like, such as cutting me off in traffic, I find that just blessing them on their way feels better than yelling and screaming (which they won’t hear anyway). Every time you get the chance be kind. It is the nicest thing you can do for yourself.