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The Seven Truths about Successful People


Last weekend I was fortunate enough to hear Marion Luna Brem speak at a commencement ceremony. To be honest I have never heard of her – however I now realize she is famous and has a remarkable story to tell.

In her speech she shared The Seven Truths about Successful People. She said successful people are:

Nurturing (to themselves and others)
Have a high sense of self value – self esteem.

What I liked about the speech is it wasn’t the typical go out there and blow there socks off. It was more like “go within and figure out how to be the best you possible.” Although she made it “big” in sales her approach is one of caring, nurturing and being the “best person” she could be. I loved that she wasn’t about winning at all cost. She was about creating win/wins.

Something she said that I thought was so important and so true was, “If you are looking at your watch to see if it is quitting time, it is quitting time!”

I would highly recommend you check out Marion’s bio on her website. Very inspiring.

Here’s to taking action,


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


Okay I admit it, I have been a Harry Potter fan since the beginning. I love the books and the movies. I was excited to see the newest movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I have to admit that it has been so long since I have read the book some of the detail slips me, however the movie stays very true to what I remember about the book. Which is actually why I like the Harry Potter series, the books and movies compliment each other.

The movie is worth seeing, even perhaps if you are not a Potter fan. It is intriguing, full of suspense and with a tad bit of romance.

My husband went with me and although not as big a fan as I, he enjoyed the movie as well.

I would recommend seeing it. I unfortunately can’t give you any coaching wisdom that I obtained from the movie, mostly just fun entertainment. I do though marvel at J. K. Rowling and her imagination and creativity. Her story is very inspiring.

I would give the movie Five Stars!


Out of the Canyon – Live the Day Radio Show


I do hope you join me today at 3pm mt as I interview Art and Alison, authors of Out of the Canyon – A True Story of Loss and Love.
The website provides this – A man driving through Glenwood Canyon, Colorado with his family gets hit by a boulder that falls from the canyon walls. His wife and two boys are killed. He must decide whether to live on-and then what that life should be. Art Daily doesn’t know what hope will look like-until he meets Allison Snyder.

This is going to be an amazing show, I just know it. I hope you will join me.
For all the details review my blog posting from Friday.

Daily Action


Well my posting on my daily action has been less than stellar however I have been keeping up with the action. Already I see things moving and shifting. The day I posted the first post about getting back into the daily action routine I was offered a great opportunity that will start in August. I also feel more inspired and excited. There is just something about being in action that gets the wheels moving and the momentum churning.

I actually haven’t been doing all that much, however my theory is you don’t have to do a lot, you only have to do a little, consistently and persistently. That is the key. For example as I stated in my greetings in 365 Days of Coaching today, if you had taken a step towards your goals every day since the first of the year you would have taken 208 steps. Now that is a lot.

Given that we only have 157 Days left in the year, it is time to get busy. It isn’t too late to get started. You still have plenty of time to get back into action and start working on those goals you set waaay back in the beginning of the year!

Every day write down one to five action steps you will take today towards your goals. Don’t think big, think small. In fact it isn’t as important what you do as that you are doing something.

Repeat this process every day for the rest of the year.

I am off to do my action steps for today.

Here’s to taking action,


My New Favorite Summer Treat


No I am not turning into the Cooking Coach! No one would want that to happen. However I did stumble across a great appetizer, snack, fun thing to eat that I just had to share with you.

First I found these great crackers, sorry they are not Gluten free. They are made by the lesley stowe company and I found them at Whole Foods. In fact that is the only place I have been able to find them so far! They are called raincoast crisp and my favorite flavor are the Fig and Olive crackers. They are so yummy. My next favorite is the seed. (Warning – these crackers are more additive than potato chips)

The next favorite thing is the Primo Raspberry Habanero Preserves. Oh my it is so good. Very fruity with a little bit of a bite. The interesting thing is that the company, Primo Specialty Foods, is right here in Denver! So I am buying local. You can get it too and there is a list of places that carry it. You can even order it via the website. They have a lot of different flavors as well.

So you take the cracker, I highly recommend the fig and olive, spread goat cheese or cream cheese on it, and top it with a little bit of the Primo Raspberry Habanero Perserves. What a taste delight.

For my book club I took goat cheese, put it on the plate and covered it with the Raspberry Habanero Preserves on top and just let everyone spread the cheese and preserves on their own cracker. Everyone wanted the recipe!

When I fix these for my husband and me I just spread the cheese on the crackers and top with the preserves and we have them for a snack or a little something before dinner.

This weekend I fixed Blueberry bagels with cream cheese and some of the Primo Raspberry Habanero Preserves and it was so good. A very tasty breakfast.



Out of the Canyon – A True Story of Loss and Love

Out of the Canyon – A True Story of Loss and Love

Live the Day Radio with Rachelle Disbennett Lee

A man driving through Glenwood Canyon, Colorado with his family gets hit by a boulder that falls from the canyon walls. His wife and two boys are killed. He must decide whether to live on-and then what that life should be. Art Daily doesn’t know what hope will look like-until he meets Allison Snyder.

Join me on July 27th on Live the Day for an interview that will be amazing. I have no idea what will happen as this is my first interview dealing with something so painful and so joyful at the same time. I will be interviewing Art Daily and Allison Synder, a very unlikely couple who have written a book about the pain that brought them together and how they rebuilt a life together. I truly hope you will join me for this and be inspired by this remarkable story.

For information about the book Out of the Canyon – A True Story of Loss and Love visit

To listen live go to Blog Talk Radio on July 27th at 3pm MT.

You can also call in with your questions and comments on 646-929-2440

Do you know where your library card is?


Something I rediscovered last year was my local library. One of my fondest memories as a child is going to the Library with my father. My father was illiterate but every Monday evening he would take me and my friends to the Library. In one of the visits my father talked me into getting a book on the Seminole Indian Chief Osceola.

I needed to do a report and my father thought doing it on Chief Osceola was a great idea. My guess is he wanted to know about Chief Osceloa so getting me to read the book and tell him about it achieved his goal. In truth it is the only report I can remember doing in grade school.

Through the years I have used the Library, especially when in College, however as a civilian (not in College) I have preferred the method of buying books. Mind you, I didn’t say reading books, just buying them! As my good friend Julie says, “I am a book buyer.”

When I rejoined my book club last year I realized I really didn’t want to buy every book we were reading. Most of the books are good for one read – they are not books I want to keep. So I decided to reintroduce myself to the Library. I actually had to get a Library card because I had long lost mine.

Since getting my Library card I have had a great time checking books out of the Library. For example if I see an interview with an author on television or hear one on the radio, instead of running out and buying the book, I check it out from the Library first. I am currently reading “When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win” by Carol Leifer.
Sometimes I do check out a book that I end up buying. But for me that is great. At least that way I know that I will use the book. Some books are keepers!

I just went on my Library site today and reserved several books, all on social media. I went to Amazon, found the books I was looking for, then went to my Library site and reserved them. When the books are in, my Library will send me an email and I will go to the Library and pick them up. It just can’t get any easier.

If you haven’t been to your Library in a long time, dust off your Library card and go. Just browse and see what is there. If you haven’t been in awhile you will be surprised by what you see, lots of computers! No card files! And displays that look like they belong in Barnes and Nobles!

Let me know how your library adventures go.

Here’s to taking action,


The Daily Action Power Process – 90 Days to Success


I am getting ready to launch my next 90 Day Daily Action Power Process Success Camps. The camps have helped over 100 people do the daily action that creates success.

What I noticed is since the last camp stopped in April 2009 I have fallen off the wagon and haven’t been keeping up with my daily actions as well as I would like. And it shows. If you ever wonder why you are not getting what you want in life you only have to look as far as your daily action.

The secret I believe is accountability. It is difficult to do it on your own. So what I have decided to do is challenge myself to blog about my daily action success every day. That way I am accountable to blogging and will get the things done that I know will get me closer to achieving my goals.

So here we go. This is the first day. If you would like to join me please feel free. What you will need to do is set 1-3 goals for the next 90 days. These will be the goals you really want to focus on.

Next – every day write down the 3-5 things you are going to do towards your goal. Remember this is in addition to what you are already doing. The secret to this process is you are not going to be doing a lot – indeed I recommend against that strategy. I recommend and will be doing a little towards my goal.

The Secret – Doing the action daily. What will get you what you want is being consistent and persistent.

Day 1

Here are the actions I will take today:

Take a long walk
Apply for one school

So can you guess my goals from these actions?

My guess is you wouldn’t be able to pinpoint the specific goals as the actions may seem unrelated or even abstract. These are the actions that I will take today, may not be the same actions I will take tomorrow.

My goals are health, finance, and transportation.

Although it may not seem like a very powerful goal the visualization is the most powerful step. I haven’t a clue “how” I am going to do what I plan on doing in the next 90 days – which isn’t important – what is important is that I allow myself to be inspired – to settle down, sit still and let the how come to me.

First step in this process, become very clear on what you want, know it in detail.
Next take time to allow the how to appear.

Until tomorrow – take action.


Just avoid it all together


One of the best ways to stay out of trouble is to avoid it all together. I wrote about the “attack” on my Yorkies a couple of days ago. Very scary. However Surrobbie my little female simply removed herself from the situation. The best thing she could have done

This morning as we were walking I heard a noise behind me. I turned around to see the St. Bernard rounding the corner. The owner had a hold on his leash, however that didn’t stop him last time. Surrobbie spotted him at the same time I did and she simply turned around and bolted in the opposite direction. She wasn’t even going to give him an opportunity to cause trouble.

We quickly took a side exit around the bend and got out of the way. The lesson here is sometimes the best way to stay out of trouble is to simply avoid it. If you know there are people, places or things that will get you into trouble don’t tempt yourself. There is no reason to walk into the candy shop when you are on a diet. You just don’t need to put yourself in that situation. The same goes for situations with people. If you know you always end up in an argument with Uncle Fred, avoid Uncle Fred.

Surrobbie has the right idea, don’t tempt fate. When possible avoid the situation, that way you won’t have to figure a way out of it or get enmeshed in it!

Here’s to taking action,


The difference you make may never be known to you


Every day you have an opportunity to make a difference. The challenge is you may never know the difference you make.

Recently I came across a book that I had given to my mother when she had breast cancer. I sent the book to my mother and she never mentioned receiving it. I just figured it was way too much for her to handle so she didn’t read it and didn’t appreciate me sending it to her.

As I was going through the book, Fine Black Lines – Reflections on Facing Cancer, Fear and Loneliness, I noticed the book had been signed twice by Lois Tschetter Hjelmstad, the author of the book. Once in 1993 and once in 1997. The book was stuffed with pamphlets and fliers about other cancer events and there was a hand written note by my mom on directions to some event. Although to my disappointment nothing was written in the book by my mom, I can tell it has been read. By the way the book is stuffed with pamphlets and such she must have kept it around for a resource. Whatever she did with the book I can tell that in some way it did make a difference to her and she did appreciate it.

After finding the book I decided to look up the author Lois Tschetter Hjelmstad and you won’t believe this. She lives right here in Colorado in a town near me. I had no idea. I sent her an email to see if she might want to be on my radio show! I thought that would be an interesting show to do especially now that I know my mom had some kind of connection to her. I will let you know if Lois is going to be on the show or not.

So the moral of the story is you never know who you will make a difference to or even what difference you make. It doesn’t matter, do the kindness anyway, go out of your way for someone or send them a book that you are not even sure they will read. You just never know what impact your action may have on their life.

Here’s to taking action,