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Listen to Live the Day Radio with special guest Chancey Weiner

Join me Monday May 25th, 3 pm MT on Live the Day for a special treat. I will be interviewing Chancey Weiner, the Co Founder of the Wealth Mastery Success Program. Chancey is going to share with us way to increase not only our financial health, but our wealth in all areas of life. Chancey has inspired people worldwide to develop their personal power from within and create wealth and balance in seven areas of life and to live life filled with passion and purpose, doing so with love, gratitude, presence, and certainty. Chaney is an inspirational and transformational speaker and Co Founder of the Wealth Mastery Success Program. His knowledge and experience consists of 20 years of work and study from various disciplines to include fitness, psychology, communication , physiology, and neuroscience, and how to apply these disciplines into every day life in order to live an inspired and magnificent life. To find out more about Chancey visit his website at

Habits are Hard to Break


One thing I know for sure are habits are a powerful force. They can help you be amazingly successful or get you in a lot of trouble. My 90 Day Coaching Program is centered around the concept of creating habits and leveraging thier power.

I recently relearned the power of habits when once again I am faced with kicking the diet soda habit. I stop for awhile but find myself going back. Why? Because drinking diet soda is a habit, one I have had for three decades. I am also not 100% committed to giving it up. I would say at this point it is more like 92% :-)

However I am on the path to once again breaking the habit. You might think why try if it hasn’t worked in the past. Just because something doesn’t work the first 25 (or more) times you try it doesn’t mean it won’t work. I refuse to give up and I know that evenually I will manage to change the habit.

I once read that is doesn’t matter how many times you try, it only matters that you keep on trying. And I believe success and habits fall into that category. It takes time to make change. How much time I can’t really say. I know for me in this area it is taking a lot of times and tries. Other habits though have been easier to manage and create so I know it can be done.

Tap into your success and levearge that. I know that the process of change works you just have to keep working it. Don’t give up and don’t let what seems to be failure discourage you. Failure is only fatal if you let it stop you.

Here’s to taking Action


Where is he?

Listen to Live the Day Hosted on Blog Talk Radio
May 4th 3pm MT

Boys Before Business
The Single’s Girls Guide to Having It All


Millions of single, dedicated working women get tired of hearing the question, “Why aren’t you married?”

Have you ever wondered, “Where is Mr. Right and why haven’t I found him?”

You may be thinking, “I know he’s out there, I just don’t know where?”

And part of you is worried that when you do find him, how are you going to balance both a relationship and a career?

Do you feel you’d have to give up something so you can truly have it all?

If these questions are on your mind, you need to listen in on Monday May 4th when I interview co-author Kim Mylls as she gives us the details on how to have it all; relationships, fun and a great career!

For a sneak preview of the book, visit the website, Boy Before Business!

Kim is also going to share with me how she manifested her prefect relationship using a process she created and calls “The Dear God Letter.” Kim is a student of Jack Canfield’s and has created amazing results using this process that was inspired by Jack himself. To create your own Dear God Letter, go to

Live the Day Radio hosted on Blog Talk Radio
Monday, May 4th at 3:00 p.m. MT