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The Movie "Milk" a must see


Watched the movie “Milk” over the weekend. It is a must see movie just for the acting alone. Sean Penn and the supporting cast are amazing. The story is riviting as well. I was in my late teens when a lot of this was happening. I didn’t know anything about Harvey and his movement but I was well aware of Anita Bryant and her crusade against Homosexuals. She started in Dade County Florida. I was living in Florida at the time and it was all over the news. What I didn’t realize, and most likely neither did Anita, that her crusade actually helped to galvinize the gay movement and assist in the mission to fight back and keep their civil rights. As I like to say, “Nothing bonds like a common enemy.”

Here’s to taking action (and Harvey did in a big way),


Seven Whole Grains on a Mission


Part of living well is taking care of yourself and one way to do that is to eat a healthy diet. Don’t get me wrong I can eat junk food with the best of them, however I do know that eating healthy most of the time is wise. I just tried the new Kashi frozen dinners and I have to say they are good. To quote my favorite comic strip, “2 or 3 of them make a great meal!” Actually they were fine I was just pretty hungry when I tried the first one, the Kashi Black Bean Mango dinner. Tasty, but not a lot of food. The second one was the Vegan Pasta and Pesto. Again really tasty but not a lot of food.

What struck me is on the box they have a Haiku! According to the box, “Haiku are expressions of complex ideas distilled into single words. They serve as metaphors for the richly complex flavors crafted from Kashi’s honest ingredients.” The Kashi Haiku is:

Seven whole grain meals
Awaken all my senses
Warm and delightful

So there you have it, you get a nice dinner and a Haiku!



Someone Has To Win


I have come to the conclusion that 90% of success doesn’t have anything to do with what we do. It has to do with what we think. If we think we are successful, that it is possible, that we will win, then the odds are in our favor. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say things like, “I never win,” or “I’m not lucky,” or “Nothing good ever happens to me.” Well, the best I can tell they are right. In addition, it has nothing to do with anything but what they believe and what they project out into the world.

I believe I am a winner. I tell myself all the time that I am. When I go someplace where they are having a drawing, I tell myself that I will win something. Often, I do. I have recently started a new hobby, that of entering sweepstakes. I figure someone has to win and it might as well be me. The most amazing thing to me is that many of the people that I have told about this have been negative about my new activity. I have been told it is a waste of time, or that I don’t have any chance of winning or it is some kind of scheme. I believe that, for them, all that is true, but for me it isn’t. I believe someone has to win and it might as well be me. After all, I am a winner.

My life experience has taught me that most of life is dependent on what we think, which drives what we do. If we think things are possible and positive, then they are and we act accordingly. And if we think something else, that is true also and our behavior will reflect that.

Having a positive attitude and outlook on life isn’t about being Pollyanna, it is a life style choice. I choose to see the glass half full with no spots. Because I choose to look at life this way, this is what I see most of the time. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have disappointments or letdowns, I do. But, I choose not to dwell in those experiences and rather see what I can learn from them and move on.

Here’s to being lucky,


Spring Clean Your Life

The Top Ten Ways to Spruce up your life

It is time to clean up your act and start living a sparkling new life. If you want to live each day to the fullest, it is time to dust away what isn’t working and buff up all areas of your life. .

1. Dust away the relationships that no longer serve you.

We all have had those relationships in our lives that have becoming draining or even toxic. Now is the time to dust away those people in our lives that bring us down or at the very least hold us back. Negative energy is difficult to combat, it is better to let go of those that are not contributing positively, or at very least limit our contact with them, and bring in some fresh new friends.

2. Trash those nasty habits.

We all have them, a habit or two that simply isn’t contributing to our lives. Pick one of those habits and get rid of it. This won’t happen overnight, this is a spring-cleaning project, but just working on getting rid of the habit will be a step in the right direction.

3. Clean up the old credit report.

Several of my clients have been shocked when they have been turned down for a loan or refinancing because of their credit reports. When they checked into it, they discovered items that were not even theirs or ones that should have been removed years before on there credit report. Now is a great time to clean up that credit report and make sure it is bright and shiny.

4. Freshen up your space – Re-decorate

Spring is a great time to re-decorate. This doesn’t’ have to be costly. Simply rearrange furniture for a more pleasing arrangement, lighten up fabrics and pillows and store anything that reminds you of winter. This would be a great time to bring some positive chi into your space with a little Feng Shui. Also get rid of anything you don’t love in your home or office. Clutter on the outside is simply a reflection of what is going on internally in our lives.

5. Create a Fun Fund

Put a little back each week for something special, like a fun vacation or day at the Spa. Make a commitment not to touch the money until you have enough saved for the treat, and enjoy the process and fun of anticipation.

6. Give it back

If you have borrowed something from anyone, now is the time to give it back. Anything that doesn’t belong to you such as those overdue library books and the shoes from your best friend need to go back.

7. Spring into action

Is there something that you have wanted to do but haven’t made the time for? Well, spring into action and get to work. There is no time like the present to begin turning our goals into reality.

8. Dust off those dreams

Now is also a great time to dust off those dreams and begin to refocus on what is most important to you. We can get so bogged down in the day to day stuff, that we can forget what our real goals are. Now is the time to clear the space and begin to realize that dream.

9. Freshen up

We can all get stuck in a rut. Now is a great time to freshen up our look, be it a new hairstyle or new addition to our wardrobe. This doesn’t have to be an overhaul; perhaps just a few additions of something in a new spring color will help add that touch of new to our look.

10. Breath

Practice deeply breathing in the fresh air, clear you lungs and your mind. Deep breathing will help you clean out the cobwebs in your mind and give you a fresh new perspective on life.

Luck Follows Action


The luckiest people seem to be the ones who are out doing things. Action is the best way I know to create more luck in one’s life. The more we are out in the world the more opportunities we create for luck to happen. We need to throw ourselves in the path of luck. If we are out looking for good things to happen to us, my guess is they will.

Some people think that luck is simply chance. There actually is a big difference between luck and change. According to Richard Wiseman, author of the “The Luck Factor: Changing Your Luck, Changing Your Life: The Four Essential Principles” (Miramax, 2003) there’s a big distinction. “Chance events are like winning the lottery. They’re events over which we have no control, other than buying a ticket. They don’t consistently happen to the same person. They may be formative events in people’s lives, but they’re not frequent. When people say that they consistently experience good fortune, I think that, by definition, it has to be because of something they are doing.”

If you want to increase your luck you have to increase your activity. The more you do, the more opportunity luck has to come your way. And remember to stay aware. The luckiest people are the ones who recognize a lucky opportunity when they see one, even if it is disguised as a problem.

Lucky people are the ones who are out and about creating their own luck. Staying home watching television isn’t the best way to find luck. Luck happens when you are out creating it. The luckiest things happen to those who put themselves in the path of luck. Luck is by choice, not by chance. The more you are willing to do to create your own luck, the more luck you will have.

Here’s to being lucky,


You Are A Winner


How often do you set yourself up to win? Half of winning is believing that you can win. If you go into a situation believing that you will come out a winner, you have a better chance at winning just because you believe you can. If you tell yourself that you are a winner, you go into any situation with a winning attitude.

Every morning that you wake up alive, you are a winner. You have won another opportunity to do your best. Winning doesn’t always mean you are in a competition with someone else. Often your most fierce competitor is the person who stares back at you each morning from the mirror.

The person that most often gets in your way is you. You stop yourself from winning in the game of life because of fear, lack of confidence, and self-defeating messages. Your negative self-talk alone is enough to keep you from being a winner.

I received a fax that read, “You are a winner.” I smiled and said to myself, “Yes I know that.” But what I didn’t know was that I had won a free lunch for two at one of my favorite restaurants. I had lunch the week before at the restaurant and had put my business card in the win a free lunch fish bowl. The owner noticed me putting my card in the bowl and informed me he would be selecting a winner later that day. I said, “Yes and that winner will be me.” And it was.

Each one of us is a winner; we simply have to believe that. Once you believe it you will begin to live your life as a winner. Everything you do, say, and think will support you in being a winner. You become what you believe you are, so believe you are a winner, and presto, you are.

How often do you tell yourself, I am not lucky, I never win anything? Well, you are wrong. Each day you win another opportunity to live life to the fullest. Each day you are lucky enough to have the gift of giving your best to the world. If you believe you are a winner, you will live life according to that belief. Whatever you believe to be true is true.

Here’s to being lucky,


Superstition is Magical Thinking


Most of us grew up with superstitions. A few of my childhood favorites are seven years of bad luck for breaking a mirror, bad luck for walking under a ladder, opening an umbrella indoors and having a black cat cross my path will also produce bad luck. I have heard of athletes that have to wear a certain pair of socks or have a lucky coin in their pocket when they play “the big game.” The truth is we all have superstitions.

As my sister and I move through the process of selling our childhood home, we were brainstorming ways to move the sale along. I remembered that a friend buried a statue of St. Joseph in her front yard to expedite the sale of her home. The house sold quickly. My sister thought I was nuts when I suggested this to her. But we found out that a lot of people share this superstition when we got on the Internet. There is even a St. Joseph house selling kit available for purchased. I have no idea if burying St. Joseph really works or if it works because people believe it works, and I have to wonder if it matters. Thoughts are things and what we think becomes what we believe and what we believe becomes reality.

Superstitions are not really silly and can actually be helpful if not just a little amusing. Superstitions are also rich in tradition and folklore. The concept of burying the St. Joseph statue comes from stories of nuns placing St. Joseph medals on property they wanted for the convent. The tradition evolved into the statue concept. Many traditions date way back, and some are personal ones we create. I have created many superstitions of my own. Since I only believe in good luck I believe it is lucky when a black cat or any animal crosses my path. I still recite the poem “See a penny pick it up. All day you’ll have luck” anytime I see a penny lying on the ground. Superstitions can be fun and helpful as long as we believe they are.

According to the Internet, a superstition is “A set of behaviors that are related to magical thinking, whereby the practitioner believes that the future, or the outcome of certain events, can be influenced by certain specified behaviors.” I love the idea of magical thinking. So to create superstitions is to think magically. To my way of thinking superstitions are a way to create magic. And who doesn’t want a little magic in their life?

Here’s to being lucky,


Join me and my special guest Kim Kirmmse Toth

Join me Monday March 23rd at 3pm MT on Live the Day hosted on Blog Talk Radio as I interview my special guest, retirement Coach Kim Kimmse Toth.

Kim has an expertise in empowering women to tap into their strengths throughout their lives. She encourages continual growth with a non stop optimism in helping women reach even the loftiest of goals. She works primarily with Baby Boomer women 55-70, on the non-financial side of retirement planning. The “what are you going to do with the rest of your life?” piece. This is also a stage of life that is full of transitions, which can be challenging as well as exciting.

She has over 23 years experience as a licensed clinical social worker in private practice and is a Certified Life Coach. She is an author, trainer, live group and teleclass leader.

Kim is an International Trainer with Mentor Coach ( )Kim is a member of the International Coach Federation, the Denver Coach Federation and NASW.

Kim is privileged and honored to work with women who choose to live their lives as growing, compassionate women, who balance themselves well and love who they are.

Her websites are: and

Those Who Are Lucky Are Aware


One of the ways to create luck in your life is to become more aware. Those who appear to be so lucky are usually the ones who are aware of what is happening around them. Many times, it is not about luck, it is about seeing a need and filling it. Those who appear luckier than others are often the ones who take the time to notice what is around them.

Luck has a lot to do with opportunity. Those who are more aware of the opportunities around them appear luckier than those who are myopic and are not aware of what is happening. Those who are aware are ready to seize the opportunities that they see. Those who are not aware miss out.

Awareness creates opportunity. The more opportunities we have the greater the probability of success. Luck has little to do with chance and a lot to do with awareness. We become luckier when we are aware of the opportunities and seize them.

Here’s to being lucky,


Luck Is Not A Moral Issue


Luck is often referred to as good or bad. Luck is not a moral issue; it is not good or bad. It is matter of perspective. Often we think good luck happens to others who do not deserve it and bad luck happens to us when we do not deserve that.

I have heard others refer to someone who has had good luck as lucky. Someone who is promoted or has a great opportunity come his or her way is referred to as lucky. Presuming they are lucky negates the fact that more than likely a lot of work, determination and perspiration went into creating that luck. A friend of mine mentioned how lucky a mutual friend is because our mutual friend is a stay at home mom. The truth is luck had little to do with it. Before having children, my friend and her husband planned how they would create a situation where she could stay home with the children. They saved their money and made choices supporting that decision. Now that they have two children, they continue to make sacrifices that allow my friend to stay home. My friend and her husband created their luck by planning, focusing, and working for it.

Another perspective of luck is when something good happens to us. Often we don’t view that as luck at all, but something we deserve. The truth is all good things come to those who have done something to create it. Even if it is just to have a positive attitude about the situation. I don’t know any pessimist who is lucky. Luck comes to those who expect it, think it is possible and take some kind of action toward creating it. Luck is usually a combination of attitude and action.

Bad luck is often seen as something that randomly happens to us. I had a friend who was stopped for speeding. He was complaining about this and what bad luck he has. I asked if he was speeding and he said, “Yes.” His actions and not random chance created his bad luck as he called it. With every choice that we make comes a consequence. Perhaps it is bad luck that, at times, we make bad choices. On the other hand, when something negative happens to others, it is often thought of as having happened because they deserved it. I have heard people say, “Well what can you expect? They got what was coming to them.” Well, the truth is we all do. Whatever we put out into the world does come back to us.

The moral of the story is we need to be aware of what we are putting out into the world as far as our thoughts and actions go. What we think and how we act determine our luck. The secret of creating “good luck” is to create it by putting thoughts and actions out into the world that are concurrent with what we want to happen.

Luck is what we make it. It is our perspective that makes it good or bad. I know people who have had the most wonderful things happen to them and somehow they find fault with it. On the other hand, I know people who have had challenging times and situations and they find the positive in them. Luck has to do more with our point of view than anything else. What we think and do creates luck. It is not a random act. Lucky people are lucky because they create an environment where luck is allowed to happen, is noticed and appreciated.

Here’s to being lucky,