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Happy For No Reason


I have to share with you an e-zine that featured one my mentors Marci Shimoff. Marci Shimoff is the person behind the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series and is one of the leading motivational experts in the world. Her newest book, Happy For No Reason, is soon to be released. In the e-zine Marci outlines the steps for manifesting what you want in your life. The three steps are:

1. INTENTION – Be clear about what you want

2. ATTENTION – Experience the thoughts and feelings of already having what you want, AND take the action steps to manifest your intention.

3. NO TENSION – Let go. Relax. Shift from being tightly focused on your specific desired outcome to being wide open to all possibilities. Trust that your highest good will come to you, and feel the happiness of that.

Marci points out that there has been a lot written about steps one and two, but not so much about three. As I have told Marci several times, step three tends to be the most challenging. Letting go and trusting takes courage and a knowing that what you want will be given.

What Marci says about that is:

“The problem is we haven’t taken the last step. We haven’t let go. Surrendered. Said, “Okay, this or something better.” The third step, “no tension,” frees our minds, opens our hearts, and, most importantly, lets us be happy in this moment. If we skip this step, it’s like having a closed fist; how can we receive anything when our hand isn’t open? In our “gotta-get” culture, this is the step most people miss or dismiss.

When we let go and trust that all is ultimately working out for the best, we feel happier. And happiness attracts more happiness.”

I would highly recommend reading this issue featuring Marci. It will support you in practicing the art of being happy for no reason.


Seven Whole Grains on a Mission


Who doesn’t love good tasting food that is good for you. The people over at Kashi understand that if it doesn’t taste good you won’t eat it and if you don’t eat it, it won’t do you any good. In addition to there great tasting food Kashi also have a wonderful website. I found a recipe for Haystack cookies that sounds almost too good to me true. I will let you know how they turn out.

If you are interested in lots of fun articles about staying healthy, going green, and just living a great life check out this fun and informative website. As I recently wrote in a day, Health is the great asset you have. Invest in it wisely.


Secrets of Personal Success


What I know about most secrets are they really aren’t. But the word secret is a fun one to use and seems to be a favorite buzz word right now. I came across The 9 Inner Secrets to Personal Success on Yanik Silver’s blog and they are right on! Of course I love them because it is all the stuff I am always talking about but Yanik has distilled them and pulled it all together. A must read!


What is a Tiny URL?


I have had several members ask me about my Tiny URL’s that I sometimes list in the announcement section of the Day. Well a Tiny URL is just that. I use a program that takes a long URL, you have seen them they have 50 characters in them, and makes it smaller. Okay so what is the program? The great news is that it is easy and free. Just go to the website and enter a URL that you would like to shrink. That way when you share the URL in your e-zine or e-mails or wherever it won’t be some gigantic thing that people have a challenge with.


The Wisdom Trifecta


Well I have hit the jackpot. is featuring three of my tips this week. Whew! That is a lot of wisdom.

Here are the topics. Check them out.

Discover Your Calling

Create Your Perfect World

Everyone Plays the Fool Sometime

Enjoy the wisdom!


Hawaii 50


My friend Kathryn celebrated her 50th birthday with a Hawaii 50 Party. Lots of fun and festivities. My husband Adrian and I had matching outfits (the ones in the red), as did Chuck and Jackie.
I love parties and if I were not doing what I am doing I would be a party planner. Theme parties are great because they allow the guest to participate and make the decorations and food easier.
If you have a birthday coming up pick a theme and plan a party. One should always celebrate the special events in their life.
PS – Here is a day I wrote several years ago on celebrating your “Birth” Day.
Happy “Birth” Day
I love birthdays. I believe they are the best holidays because they give me an opportunity to celebrate my life with my friends and family. Birthdays are a time to reflect, plan and enjoy the great life we were given.
I have a few friends who don’t celebrate their birthdays because they don’t think that the day is all that special. I believe it is the most special day of all, and we should take the opportunity not only to celebrate ourselves, but the people who have supported, cared for and, most of all, gotten us here. However you choose to celebrate your day, include the special people who have helped support you through the years.
Coaching Question
When was the last time you celebrated just being you?
Coaching Challenge
Whenever your birthday, plan to celebrate it. There is a trend for people celebrating big on their special days, so you might need some time to plan the big event. However, until the special day arrives, make sure that you take time each day to celebrate the special person you are, and acknowledge those who have helped you become that person.



Today’s Day was entitled “Devotion” and if the emails I received are any indication, it touched a lot of people. The Day was about Team Hoyt, the father and son team that participate in sporting events. The twist here is that Rick, the son, is disabled. The story is amazing. I have been deeply touched by their devotion, love and commitment.

One of our members sent a YouTube video to me. The video tells the story of Team Hoyt. It you watch it, just be warned, you should have a box of tissues near by.

What are you devoted to?


Cast Your Vote


I am so excited. I have entered one of my articles into a contest on Searchwrap and would love it if you would cast your vote! There are other articles that are entered as well so you can check those out when you visit the site. The article is entitled “Life Has No Meaning.” This was a recent day that I wrote and I thought it would go nicely in the contest that Searchwrap is currently running.


The New and Improved

I recently had new pictures taken which I actually didn’t realize I had not done in a while. Well that was until someone sent me something to proof and they were using a picture that was taken eight years ago. I know exactly when the picture was take because it was the first picture I had taken with my new puppy who is now eight years old! Times flies!
I have the most wonderful photographer and she does amazing work. The pictures are getting rave reviews and Trisha, my photographer, has even asked if she can use them in some of her marketing materials. How cool is that, I will be a model of sorts. Check out Trisha ‘s work, you will be amazed.
I am sharing a few of the pictures she took of me here. This is just another hint of things to come. Notice the orange jacket? That is all I am going to say.

Real Home E-Zine


I always like to share resources and I have a great one for you. My friend and colleague Katie Weber has launched a great new e-zine, Real Home E-zine. As a Feng Shui expert and home cleaning guru Katie combines her skills, talents and passions in this e-zine and shares how to live a great life without driving yourself mad. According to Katie,

“Real Home E-zine features home-related articles that anyone can relate to. Articles ranging from gardening to jewelry, from cooking to shopping, cleaning to decorating will all be covered in this newsletter. The newsletter is focused on providing tips and information that real families are looking for. It features columns written by experts that are approachable and knowledgeable in their fields.” (just a hint I will be one of the experts)

If you would like an e-zine that will help you maintain a beautiful home and life this is the one for you.