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The LumberJill

On my recent trip to Alaska (pictures are forth coming I promise) I had the pleasure of attending the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show. It was a tad over done and certainly a tourist thing, but still fun and interesting. What I loved most about it was meeting a Lumberjill. She was the MC of the show. After the show I chatted with her and she told me a little about being a Lumberjill. She really loves it and does most of what a Lumberjack does. She chooses not to do two of the most dangerous things that Lumberjacks do, I thought that was really smart. The Day today “Don’t Worry If Your Job Is Real, Just Make Sure It Is Real Fun” was inspired by my Lumberjill friend. If you go to the website you can see a slide show of her and some of the Lumberjacks performing in the show. The slide show is almost exactly what I saw when I was there. A little more exciting in person but you’ll get the idea.


The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show

P.O. Box 23343 Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

Toll free 888-320-9049

Local: 907-225-9050

Where do I get my quotes?


I get ask this question, “Where do you get your quotes?” all the time. Well first of all some of the quotes come from me! I love quoting myself and if you are a reader of 365 Days of Coaching, which I hope you are, you know I sprinkle in my own quotes from time to time.

When not quoting myself I use many resources. Magazines, newspapers and Television. One great source of quotes comes from the church several blocks from my home. They include a quote on their sign every week. I sometimes go out of my way to drive by to see what the new quote is.

I also have quote books, I often get them as gifts. My sister is my main source for these. She loves giving me those tiny books you see in book stores. Two of my favorite are “a little book of hugs for sisters.” No author is listed but the publisher is Andrew McMeel Publishing. This little book has great short stories (I mean really short – 3 to 5 sentences) and of course great quotes. My other favorite is “Puppy Love” by Armand Eisen. Lots of great stories about dogs including great quotes. My all time favorite quote book is “Funny Ladies” by Bill Adler. Great book, one I use often.

And of course I use the Internet. I Goggle “motivational quotes” and then the topic or word I am searching for. I use a variety of sites but two of my favorite are and

And of course members of 365 Days of Coaching send me quotes that I use.

Although I have to check my ego with this one, many people tell me the quotes are their favorite part of the day.


White Peaches

I continue to try new things as I suggested in one of my recent Days. My newest discovery is the White Peach. This is my favorite time of year because there is so much delicious produce available and so many varieties. I personally had never heard of the White Peach, although through research I have discovered that they aren’t really new. I don’t know if I would say it is really white, just lighter than the yellow peaches I am use to. It is sweeter and smaller. According to Mac’s Pride:

“Yellow peaches have yellow meat. White peaches have white meat. They do have a difference in taste. White peaches have lower acid levels and higher sugar levels. White peaches are also more fragile. They bruise easier and ripen faster. Most people are familiar with yellow peaches since this is what grocery stores most often carry.”

Also Mac’s Pride (which will ship produce to you) list several dozen varieties of Peaches. Who knew?

I still think the produce department is the best place on earth to try new things. There are endless possibilities.


I'm Back


I took a break from blogging while on vacation. I came home from vacation a little under the weather, too much rest, my dog was sick and my computer died. (My life sounds like a country song). But I am back now and I am out in the world again without leaving my desk. I have been featured on Wisdom Tips. My tip is on worry:

“Stop worrying and start feeling. If you feel like being sad, concerned, or even disappointed, then go ahead. Let yourself feel deeply what is happening in your life. Worry is not an emotion. It is created by the mind and keeps you in turmoil. Letting go of worry frees you to feel what is real. Worry can keep you from feeling freely which may be the reason you choose to worry.”