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Try New Things – Like a Pink Apple


On March 17th I wrote a Day about Trying New Things. In the Day I wrote,

“Trying new foods is one thing I love to do. This simple decision to try new foods can be a first step towards trying new things in other areas. I love cooking with spices which are unfamiliar, or trying a new fruit or vegetable that I have only read about. By contrast, I have an uncle who has taken a ham sandwich on white bread with mustard to work every workday throughout his entire career. How boring would that be? Spice up your life by trying new exotic flavors. I have started cooking with fresh fennel. Try a new vegetable or fruit. I tried an English cucumber for the first time. It actually wasn’t much different from the cucumbers I have eaten in the past, but it was fun trying a new variety. It is all about getting out there and shaking things up.”

I think food, especially fruits and veggies, are one of the easiest ways to try new things. Low risk factor and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to ever try it again. My recent adventure in trying something new comes in the form of an apple. My friend Julie encouraged me to venture from my favorite apple, Red Delicious, to other varieties. While in the market I stumbled across a Pink Lady Apple. Now how could I resist an apple that is my favorite color. The produce person gave me a sample and I was hooked. The apple is crisp and tangy but also very sweet. I liked them so much I bought a bag of them.

So of course I had to look up the Pink Lady Apple on the Internet. I must live under a rock because there was over 1, 400,000 hits. Seems that a lot of people have discovered this “new” apple! For more info about the pink lady here are a few of my favorite websites. Hey the Pink Lady Apple has its very own website! How cool is that!

Other sites:

Of course these are just a few of the sites. For the other million plus sites do a search in Google for The Pink Lady Apple.

And while you are at it do a search in your grocery store or farmers market and pick up a couple of the Pink Lady Apples. It is a yummy way to try something new!

Live the Day,


Live the Day with Coach Lee Radio Show

The next Live the Day with Coach Lee Radio Show is Sunday, April 1st at 8:30am mt on 710 KNUS.
Coach Lee and special guest Beth Davis will discuss how to “Know Yourself”
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Be sure to drop by Beth’s web site, and get your free report, “The 5 Massive Mistakes Spiritually-Oriented Women Make in Business (…and how to avoid them!)”
Beth will show you the path to success – it’s not what you think!”
If you are not in the local Denver area you can still listen to Live the Day with Coach Lee on your computer at

The Motivated Monkey


I’m very excited to have been published in a fantastic new eco-project. The Motivated Monkey is an uplifting collection of motivational tips, techniques and advice on how to get more motivation, achieve more and defeat procrastination. Best of all 25% of all profits go to Children in Need. I’ve contributed an article entitled “It Could Happen.” I write about possibility thinking and how anything is possible. Other authors in the book are Jack Canfield, Steve Chandler, Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy. As a personal recommendation from me you can claim a 10% discount on the price of the book; just follow the link below to obtain your discount.

Live the Day,


Finish what you started


Spring is in the air and during that time many feel the need to clean and clear out. I recently wrote a day about finishing what you started, which was talking about completing projects that you have started but have stalled. Spring is a great time to finish those projects. As I mentioned in the Day, “Unfinished projects become tolerations. Tolerations drain your energy. Instead of letting the unfinished project become a drain, finish what you started and free up your energy.”

Make a list of all your unfinished projects, both at work and home and write a date next to each project of when it will be complete. If you don’t want to or can’t get it finished, hire someone to do it for you. Don’t let those unfinished projects drag on and take your energy. Spring ahead and complete those projects so you can move on to more exciting ones.

If you need some support in getting that project done maybe a little nagging will help. I wrote a Day several weeks ago entitled “Do you need to be nagged?” In the Day I mentioned a website that will virtually nag you by sending emails to remind you that you need to get your project done! Hey whatever works. Check out Hassle Me for a little nagging to get your project done.

Live the Day


Try New Things


On March 17th I wrote a Day entitled “Try New Things.” The premise of the day was to help make life more exciting and enjoyable one should try new things every day. Not too risky, perhaps just a new way home from work, a different restaurant or a new fruit or veggie you have never had. I recently tried English Cucumbers, not really all that exciting, but I had never had one before. The whole idea is to shake life up and have fun with it. As I stated in the day, “You need to shake things up and try new things. It doesn’t have to be anything too risky, just enough to keep you interested in life.”

I was at a “new to me” restaurant this weekend and I asked the counter person about something on the menu. She told me she didn’t know if it was good or not because she had never tried it. She said, “I don’t like to try new things.” Now this was a young woman and she is already creating a rut. I of course had to give her a one minute coaching session about the importance of trying new things and she in return gave me a blank stare. Oh well I planted a seed.

Please don’t be like the young counter woman who has decided not to try new things in life. Explore, experiment and have fun. The worst thing that can happen is you will find something you don’t like. The best thing is you will expand your comfort zone and discover new and interesting things.

I suggest making a list of new things to try and then working your list. A few things I have on my list:

Going to a yoga class
Trying one new veggie or fruit a week
Trying a new spice (this week it is star anise)
New dog treats (no I don’t eat them but my fur children like to try new things too)
New hair style (okay I know I take this one to the extreme but keep in mind hair grows back, so don’t be afraid to try a new style from time to time)
New color polish for my toes (light silver blue is the newest one I have tried. Not a keeper but glad I tried it)
Read a book by a new author (at least new to you)
Attending a class on something I don’t know anything about (my dear friend Alyson Stanfield and I are going to take a class on book making. I have no idea what this is about but sounds fun and interesting)
Any type of art class, a play or art show (something you wouldn’t normally attend)
Subscribe to new magazine that isn’t one you would normally read (my dear friend Janet gave me a subscription to Ode. I love it but it isn’t a magazine I would have thought about reading)

You get the idea. Do things that are not the norm for you, try something you wouldn’t normally do and just get out there and explore. This is a very big world with a lot to offer. Don’t limit yourself.

Live the Day,


Another green idea


Okay I am getting way too excited about this green thing but I just got this in my email and had to share:

Every kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity you avoid using saves more that 1 ½ pounds of carbon dioxide from being pumped into the atmosphere.

Pretty amazing, see what just turning off the lights could do!




I received an email form Claudia about my recent post on being green. She writes

“A note about the compact bulbs they have mercury in them and I’m not sure we want landfills full of heavy metals. I think there will come a special disposal process for them however they are not the panacea they are made out to be at least not yet.” Claudia

According to an article in Fast Company.Com, “Compact fluorescents emit the same light as classic incandescents but use 75% or 80% less electricity.

“What that means is that if every one of 110 million American households bought just one ice-cream-cone bulb, took it home, and screwed it in the place of an ordinary 60-watt bulb, the energy saved would be enough to power a city of 1.5 million people. One bulb swapped out, enough electricity saved to power all the homes in Delaware and Rhode Island. In terms of oil not burned, or greenhouse gases not exhausted into the atmosphere, one bulb is equivalent to taking 1.3 million cars off the roads.”

That’s the law of large numbers (I wrote a day about the concept of large numbers not too long ago)–a small action, multiplied by 110 million.”

Another amazing thing about these light bulbs is “Compact fluorescents, even in heavy use, last 5, 7, 10 years. Years.” That truly is amazing.

Up until now the Compact Fluorecents have been more of a novelty, but that is about to change, big time! “In the next 12 months, starting with a major push this month, Wal-Mart wants to sell every one of its regular customers–100 million in all–one swirl bulb. In the process, Wal-Mart wants to change energy consumption in the United States, and energy consciousness, too. It also aims to change its own reputation, to use swirls to make clear how seriously Wal-Mart takes its new positioning as an environmental activist.”

According to “However, CFLs contain trace amounts of mercury. The amount is not large enough to pose a hazard to users, but it does become a concern at landfills and trash incinerators where the mercury from many bulbs can escape and contribute to air and water pollution.”

“Some manufacturers such as Philips make very low mercury content CFLs[2]. Safe disposal requires storing the bulbs unbroken until they can be processed. Consumers should seek advice from local authorities. Usually, one can either:

Bring back used CFLs to where they were purchased, so the store can recycle them correctly; or
Bring used CFLs to a local recycling facility.

The first step of processing involves crushing the bulbs in a machine that uses negative pressure ventilation and a mercury-absorbing filter or cold trap to contain and treat the contaminated gases. Many municipalities are purchasing such machines. The crushed glass and metal is stored in drums, ready for shipping to recycling factories.”

Truly when you read what these light bulbs will save when it comes to energy it is truly amazing. However before I go out and buy a bunch of them I will be checking to see how they can safely be recycled.

Live the Day,



How Many Light bulbs Does it Take to Change the World? One. And You’re Looking At It. Charles Fishman. Issue 108. September 2006. Fast

Compact Fluorescent light bulb.

Going Green

Last week I wrote a Day about going green. No I am not talking about St. Patrick’s Day. I am talking about what is popular once again, and that is the environment. In fact I mentioned that the current issue of Shape (April 2007) was dedicated to “adopting an eco-friendly attitude.” Just a note of interest, Shape Magazine is one of 100 magazines, out of about 18,000 printed in the United States, that use some version of recycled paper. Although to be honest I was not surprised about Shape featuring a eco-friendly addition, but when I received my Town and Country, the Special Green Issue, I knew that this Green thing is really a trend.
The Shape Magazine featured among other things a list of 46 doable actions you can take to protect the planet and your health. Some of the ones I thought were interesting and doable were to buy products in biodegradable packaging, use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL), buy coffee that is labeled “fair trade certified,” which mean that the farmers who harvested your coffee beans were compensated fairly and worked under humane conditions, and to buy locally grown produce which is more nutrient-rich and less resource intensive and of course supports your local growers. (It is easy being green, 46 doable actions you can take today to protect the planet and your health. By Bari Nan Cohen, pages 174-185)
In the Town and Country Green Issue special section they did a great job of providing all types of information about what to eat, what to buy and suggestions for how to go green a little at a time. The report was extremely informative. They provided a list of things to recycle and things not to recycle. They listed several cleaning products that were green and good to use. My

favorite however was the article about paints that are free of VOC’s which can create toxic gases, particularly right after the paint has been applied. Anna Sova’s paints are made with 99% food grade ingredients. If you like you can have a variety of aromatherapy fragrances mixed into the paint that will last up to 12 months. I like the idea of good smelling paint. If you get a chance pick up a copy of the April 2007 issue of Town and Country, the special edition is really the best I have seen on going green. Very informative.
Since writing the Day about going green and with every thing in the news I have been focusing on what I can do. What I like about what I am reading is how it is stressed that every little bit helps. Every small thing you do makes a big difference.
Live the Day,

Live the Day with Coach Lee discovers "The Secret"

I have a secret, and of course I can’t keep it. This weeks Radio Show “Live the Day with Coach Lee” airing March 25th at 8:30am Mountain Time on (you can listen to it live on your computer if you are not in the Denver area) will feature Marcie Shimoff, best selling author and one of the presenters in the movie “The Secret.” Marcie calls The Secret the biggest phenomena to hit in a long time. On the show Marci will reveal her three step process for manifesting what you want in your life, how the idea to create a themed Chicken Soup book came about and her involvement with The Secret. The show is going to be so packed with great ideas from Marci that you will want to make sure you have a pen and pad of paper close by.

I hope you will join me Sunday when I interview this amazing and successful woman. Truly you won’t want to miss it.
Live the Day,


And the Winner is…


In my last post I mentioned I was drinking White Tea and had found four different varieties. Well I finally got to taste all four and have selected a winner.

The four teas were White Peony Tea by Triple Leaf Tea, Celestial Seasonings Perfectly Pear White Tea, Antioxidant Plum White Tea and Organic Vanilla Apple White.

Drum Roll Please…..The winner is the Triple Leaf Tea White Peony Tea. It is full body and has a deep flavor. For being white tea which is lighter in taste, this tea taste more like a black tea, much stronger than the other three flavors. This is a great morning tea.

Coming in a close second is Perfectly Pear White Tea which is very mild and makes a great evening tea.

If you are interested in Organic it is nice to have an option. The Organic Vanilla Apple White tea is good, and makes a refreshing cup of tea. Just seems to be a little light on flavor, nothing really jumps out.

The Plum Tea is okay. For some reason they felt the need to add Stevia to the tea, a natural sweeter. For my taste is was much too sweet. White tea seems to be sweet on its own, not sure why they felt like adding the extra sweetness.

Well there you have it. If you have tried any different White Teas or have tasted the ones I mentioned I would love to hear what you think.

Live the Day,