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Okay lets stop singing "Let it Snow"


Wow if you have been hearing anything about the weather in Denver let me assure you it is all true. We have been getting more of our fair share of the white powdery stuff. Eight more inches on Sunday (Jan. 21, 2007) on top of what we already had that hasn’t had a chance to melt. The dogs are going crazy as there is not much grass and they hate going in the snow!
On Sunday I decided to go to the grocery store inspite of the blizzard. When we opened our garage door we found our next door neighbor stuck in the snow. We ended up helping her get out, which helped us too because she was blocking the way.
Tried to make a snowperson but the snow is not wet enough. Very dry, great for skiing, not so good for making snow sculpter.
Still haven’t taken the snowshoes out for a run yet but plan on doing that this week, if all the birthday fun doesn’t get in the way. Yep my birthday is January 26. If you are a subscriber to 365 DOC you know that is a big day and you are invited!
Make it a great week.
Live the Day,

New Year, New Do


Well the New Year brings with it many chances for change. I like to shake things up in the New Year and do something radical. Okay for me changing my hair isn’t that radical, but it is fun and helps to start the New Year off fresh.

Many of you have asked to see the new do after I wrote about the New Year and the New Do, so here are a few pictures. I couldn’t help myself, I had to include the fur children. They have new do’s too!


Re-cap of the day:

New Year/New Do

The New Year is a time for change. One of the easiest ways to create change and shake things up is to change your hairdo. Hair plays a major factor in how you look and how you feel. No one likes to have a bad hair day! If you want to create change and get the wheels rolling, change your hair to match the changes that are going on inside.

According to Sara Glenn, Wig and Human Hair expert, “More than any article of clothing and even than the figure, it is the hair that tells people who we think we are and what we aim to be.” On a whim, I decided to change my hairstyle. This is going to be a big year for me and I wanted to do something that symbolized big change. Completely changing my hairstyle accomplished that. Actually, I met a friend for lunch and she didn’t recognize me! Making changes on the outside reflects that you are changing on the inside.


Changing your hairstyle is a great way to update your looks and generate energy. Hair is a very important part of who you are and reflects your personality to the world. If you are in the process of changing and updating your life, your looks need to reflect that. Hair is a simple but powerful way to reflect the change that is happening on the inside to the outside world.

Coaching Question

Are you ready for a new do?

Live the Day

Change something about your hair today — whether a new do, color or simply styling it a different way. Creating change on the outside helps to move the energy and reflect the change that is going on inside.


“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Kahlil Gibran

“For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.” Audrey Hepburn

“Don’t just condition your hair every day, condition your mind also.” Anonymous

New Moon New You


Hey this is a BIG day. Today, Thursday, January 18th is the first New Moon of the Year. According to my friend and Feng Shui consultant Kathryn (Katie) Weber today is the day to tap into the power of the New Moon and propel yourself into success in 2007.
Katie offers tips for leveraging the power of the New Moon.

How to Make Your Wishes for the New Moon

1. Write your wishes down. You must write them down on paper.
Use red ink, or write on red paper, or put your wishes in a red envelope.

2. Write no more than 10 wishes. No more than 10 wishes and be specific. Instead of writing “I want more money,” write “I wish for a $10,000 raise this year.” See the difference?

3. Make wishes correspond with the moon’s energy.
Each new moon is in a different astrological sign, such as Leo, Scorpio, etc. To make the most of the energy of each one, be sure to make wishes that have something to do with that sign, such as money or business when the moon is in Capricorn, real estate or social relationships when the moon is in Taurus, or the health concerns, such as back problems if the moon is in Capricorn.

4. Put wishes in your bed pillow for 30 days or place them outside where the new moon can cast its energy on your wishes. Sleeping with your wishes will keep you mindful and goal-oriented of what it is you want achieve. After the 30 days, put your wishes into a “wish box” next to your bed. Don’t like to sleep on them? Then put them next to where you sleep or in a special silver “wish box.”

5. Write your wishes at the right time.
Timing is everything. So make sure you time your wish list correctly! If the new moon is at 3:00 a.m. or while you are sleeping, simply make your wishes before you go to bed. Try to make your new moon wishes as close to the new moon as possible and don’t wait longer than 2-3 AFTER the new moon.

6. Is your birthday on the date of the new moon? New moon birthdays are extra potent! So, if your birthday falls on this day, consider yourself doubly lucky – and by all means, make extra certain to make a wish this day!

7. Sign and date your wishes. Always sign your name and put a date on your “wish list.” I like to write mine in RED INK!

New Moons Time Converter: Times given are US Eastern Standard Time. To convert to your time anywhere in the world, click here.

I subscribe to Katie’s newsletter and wow, great information on Feng Shui. One tip I got from the newsletter was to purchase oranges and have them in the home as a symbol of gold. Katie shared with me that her family actually takes their oranges and rolls them through the front door to symbolize gold rolling into the house. What a great fun way to symbolize wealth coming into your home. I would highly recommend Katie’s newsletter if you are interested in having your home support you.

To subscribe to Katie’s newsletter go to

Here is a review of the Day that I wrote about the New Moon and how you can use this positive energy!

First New Moon of the Year
The New Year brings with it many opportunities and one is happening today at 11:01 pm EST, the first New Moon of the year. Normally I don’t pay much attention to what happens with the moon, but my good friend and Feng Shui consultant Kathryn (Katie) Weber ( has brought my attention to this event. In Feng Shui, the New Moon is a big deal and according to Katie we can use New Moon energy to help us manifest what we want in the New Year. I think that the New Moon is a good time to “remember” the goals set the first of the year and to recommit to what you said you want in 2007. If the New Moon gives us a little burst of energy why not tap into it.

I love the concept of reviewing your goals for the year, rewriting them if you are not already doing this every day and making it a priority to focus on what you really want. By this time of the year, many people have already forgotten their New Year’s resolutions (remember those things you said you would do differently this year) or have written out their goals only to misplace them. The New Moon is a great reminder that if you really want to reach your goals, you have to be clear, focused and willing to take action. Don’t let your goals languish. Take this opportunity to recharge them and get moving. The year is young! Take advantage of the time you have and get goaling.


I believe that if you believe something works, it works. I have given up judging anything. I think that using the New Moon energy is a fun and creative way to keep the focus on what you want for the New Year. It might even be fun to create your own celebration or tradition around the New Moon. I have friends that fast during the New Moon and others that have special meals and rituals they do during the New Moon. Whatever you do take the time today to reflect on what is most important to you and set your intentions for the year. Review your goals and create a plan to reach those goals. This can be a great New Year, but it is up to you!

Coaching Question

What will you do to recharge your goals?

Live the Day

Today, reflect on your intentions for the year and recommit to your goals. Rachelle, you can have anything you set your mind to if you are willing to put the time and effort into making it happen.

How to Make Your Wishes for the New Moon


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Les Brown

“You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, … You may not get the stars–but you may get the moon.” Carlton Young

Random Thoughts and Monarch Butterflies


I feel like I am the last to find this out but there is a great natural phenomenon that happens every year starting around October and commencing in Feb/March. What is it? The migration of millions of monarch butterflies. I was hoping that there was a webcam somewhere so those of us not fortunate to be there could get a glimpse but I haven’t found one. If you know of one let me know. Here is a link to a site that has the details just in case you decide to go.

I have been getting a lot of questions about the weather in Denver. Yep it is still cold, just above zero today and we got a few more inches of snow last night. Believe it or not I haven’t pulled the snowshoes out yet, but planning on doing that Sunday!

If you have an opportunity listen to Live the Day with Coach Lee this weekend. My guest this Sunday January 14 at 8:30am MT is Katie Weber creator of the Red Lotus Letter and a certified Feng Shui Master. Katie shares some great tips and ideas on how to use Fend Shui to assist you in making 2007 a great New Year. You won’t want to miss this show. And subscribe to Katie’s newsletter, it is free and packed with great information. If you are not in the local Denver Metro area you can listen to the show from your computer on

I distributed two more of my Obos this week. I only have one more to go. I seem to like bathroom stalls, not sure why, and areas outside of restaurants. It has been a fun project. A great way to share the joy of art.

Have a great weekend. I am spending Friday evening with 65 teenagers at a Sweet 16 Birthday Bash. It should be lots of fun.

Live the Day,


It is truly winter in Denver

I have lived in Denver for 17 years and never have I seen this much snow. We got about six more inches today. The snow is now about six Yorkies high.
I thought you might enjoy seeing a few more wintry pictures.
I haven’t had a chance to snowshoe yet but thinking about it tomorrow. Lets hope the snow isn’t too deep.
Live the Day

What is an Obos?


I am not an artist, but I do like to create things. For some reason when my friend Alyson Stanfield ( introduced me to the concept of an Obos. I was fascinated. She later told me about the Found Art Project! ( The idea of making Obos and leaving them behind for people to find intrigued me even more.

First of all what the heck is an Obos? The idea was introduced to me in an e-zine Alyson shared with me, “The Painters Key” written by Robert Genn. According to Genn, “An obos is a Japanese term for a pile of rocks, often only three,
one on top of another. The obos merely says, “I was here.” Being an unusual configuration, it is obviously from the hand of man. Obos is a destination, a sanctuary, a shrine and a focal point
that reminds us that we work with our hands. We are builders and what we build is sacred. Obos may appear inconsequential and be unnoticed by casual passersby. It’s a private tribute to
something higher, something we might be striving for but find difficult to attain. ” In my research I found a great Blog that talks about this article from Genn’s ezine and has a pretty amazing picture of an Obos found out in nature.

Okay so we have an idea of what an Obos is, but what the heck is found art?

Found Art is a website of people who are dedicated to healing the world through art. “Found Art is a community of members who believe creative sharing is a way to share souls. Found Art has been inspired by the idea of Random Acts of Kindness.” Basically anyone can join in on the fun. You create art, it can be anything, and you leave it in places where others will find it. You identify it as Found Art so the person knows that they can take it. I have put the website on my Obos as well so people can find out more about joining the project.

It really is just something to do, combines what I think is two great ideas, and gives me a way to express my creative side.

Yep the pictures along the side are of some of the Obos I made. I created 10 in all, have distributed about 4 of them.

Just another way to have a little fun while I am here.

Live the Day


My good friend and long time subscriber to 365 DOC Alyson Stanfield ( has asked me to be a guest on her monthly Art Marketing Classes and Seminars series. Although I am not an artist, (and you don’t have to be either to attend this class) I will be sharing how to tap into the power of daily action to create success no matter what your business is. Please join me on January 9th at 8pm EST. All the details are listed below. I hope to hear you there!

How to Guarantee Success in all Areas of Your Life by Tapping Into the Power of Daily Action

Teleseminar, Tuesday, January 9, 8 p.m. EST

Kick off the New Year with a promise to make it your best ever! Coach Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, PhD, who writes a daily action-oriented newsletter, shares with us the power of consistent, focused action. Think of everything you could accomplish if you took a single step toward your goal each day.
Join us for a fantastic start to 2007! All you need is a telephone. Please read how teleseminars work.

Great New Year


Well the New Year is officially here. Wow and tomorrow is the second already!

I have been writing a lot in the newsletter about activities that you can be doing to get the New Year off to a great start. Just a few of those ideas:

Create a Theme
Set your goals for the year and write them down
Create a Prosperity Board

If you want to have a Great New Year you have to set your intention and then take action. Nothing gets done unless you do something!

I of course started my diet back up today. I had taken a vacation for a few months! Whew glad that is over. I found a great site that will tell you how many calories you burn during exercise. Very neat tool to have.

I wish you the best year ever!