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Figured out who sent me the gift


I love how the universe works. I wrote the Day “You never know how much of a difference you make” about a week ago. It was published on Friday December 22, 2006. I had no clue who had sent me the wonderful gift with the note saying what a difference I had made to her. On Friday I received an order from this woman. She had no idea that I had written about her, she simply decided to order a CD that day. Isn’t that wild. I was so happy because I was able to send her a thank you note, which I did immediately. I am delighted that the mystery is solved and I am able to let her know how much I appreciated her kindness.

Live the Day

You never know how much of a difference you make

There is a great poem written by Dr. Kent M. Keith entitled, “The Paradoxical Commandments,” later made more spiritual by Mother Teresa. The poem simply states that all the good you do will be forgotten. When you do good, people will accuse you of being selfish, and when you succeed, you will attract false friends. However, throughout the poem you are encouraged to “Do it anyway, Succeed anyway, Do good anyway.” I love this poem and often think about it when I have done something and don’t get the acknowledgement I expected or worse get criticized for it. I know that I simply need to do it anyway. I also know that we all make a difference. The challenge is we may never know to whom or what difference we make. That is okay. Just make a difference anyway.

I speak with hundreds of people a year advising and supporting them in changing their lives. Many people contact me wanting to know more about becoming a coach and, although it takes time, I like to help these people. I might spend an hour or so on the telephone or time composing an e-mail. I often never hear back from the person after our first contact. I never know what they do with the information I gave them, but I give it anyway.

A couple weeks ago, I received a gift in the mail with a note that read:

“Dear Rachelle,
My life has been greatly enriched because I had the “Good Fortune” of meeting you! Thank you for spending time with me on the phone and graciously telling me about your coaching journey. You INSPIRE me.”

Although the note was signed, I have no idea who this person is. I can’t find her on any of my databases, she isn’t a member of 365 DOC, and I can’t even find her name in my appointment book.

The fact is it doesn’t matter who this person is. It only matters that whatever I did it made a difference for her. I may never figure out who she is, although I would like to, so I can thank her. What matters is this is a powerful example of what a difference one can make in the world simply by helping others.


Rachelle, you may never receive a gift or a thank you from the people you help. Help them anyway. The good you do in the world makes a difference, and it will come back to you in many different ways.

Coaching Question

Who can you make a difference for today?

Live the Day

Make it a practice to make a difference, even if you never know what difference you make. Make it anyway.

To read the poem the “The Paradoxical Commandments” go to:


“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” Anonymous

“An effort made for the happiness of others lifts above ourselves.” Lydia Maria Child

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Anonymous

Oh the Weather Outside is Delightful


One of the wonderful things about living in Colorado is the weather! Winter is my second favorite season, Fall is the first. However Winter brings snow and snow brings snowshoeing.

Here is the song I have been singing today:
Oh the weather outside is delightful
The work inside is frightful
The snowshoes are ready to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Actually if you have been following the news you know that Denver, well much of the West is covered in snow. Wow, and lots of it. About 4 Yorkies high (24+ inches) and that is a lot. In fact my female Surrobbie took a step off the porch and disappeared into the snow. It was really pretty amusing, well to me not her.

Here are a couple of pictures of me, the snow and the Yorkies. We are standing in the special spot I shoveled out for the fur children.
I’m off to go and enjoy that delightful weather.

Live the Day,

Glad I sent the Christmas Cards


This is a follow up to the comments I made about sending out Christmas cards. Years ago my mom asked me to include two of her best friends on my card list. To make my mom happy I did and for years I have sent these two woman a Christmas greeting. I decided to do the same this year.

I have received cards and notes back from each of my mom’s friends and although difficult it was heart warming to read their notes. Both of them wrote and told me how much my mom loved me and how proud she was of everything I had accomplished. One mentioned that she knows my mom is listening to my radio show from Heaven. It was so wonderful hearing back from these woman and hearing the wonderful things they had to say about my mom. I miss her so much, it was nice to have this connection with her friends.

I have decided it is worth sending cards and staying connected. Even if I only hear from these woman once a year, it makes me feel like I have a bond with my mom through these woman she was so close to. I am back on the Christmas Card Band Wagon.


A day revisited: Dogs love Santa too


I was searching the archives for a couple of Days for my radio show and came across a day I wrote in Dec. of 2002. The great thing about having a subscription to 365 DOC is that you have access to the archives, which now number close to 3000 Days.

I thought I would share this day with you since it is about the holidays and mentions my Yorkie Muffassa who passed away two days after Christmas last year. My husband and I were visiting family in Florida when Muffassa died. It was one of the worst days of my life and I still miss him so much. Reading this day brought back found memories of the little guy and how much he loved to go “bye bye” and do other fun things like dress up for Halloween (That is Muffassa dressed as Super Dog) visit Santa.

During the holidays don’t forget to involve your pets. Also don’t forget to keep them safe by keeping them away from anything harmful.

Happy Holidays.


365 Days of Coaching

Published by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Dogs Like Santa, Too!

The Christmas season is a time to celebrate and enjoy the sights and sounds. Although we might think of this as just a time for people, fur people also enjoy the holiday. My two Yorkshire terriers, Muffassa and Surrobbie, love going for rides and when that ride takes them to their favorite store, PetsMart, that is even better. Santa visits PetsMart during this time so that all his fur friends can tell him what they want. Muffassa and Surrobbie enjoy their visit with Santa every year. They love sitting on Santa’s lap and having their picture taken. Not to mention a treat or two. It is a fun adventure for the entire family.

Animals add so much, not just during the holidays, but all year long. I am definitely a better person because of my dogs. They have taught me compassion, patience, and loyalty. I have a pillow on my sofa that says, “My goal in life is to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.” I am not sure I will ever achieve that goal, but I strive each day to be that person.

People around the world enjoy the benefits of pets. Most households in the United States have at least one pet. Australia has the highest percentage of pet ownership in the world. Why do people have pets? There are many reasons. Some of the health benefits of pets are:
Pets can decrease your:

Blood pressure

Cholesterol levels

Triglyceride levels

Feelings of loneliness

Pets can increase your:

Opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities

Opportunities for socialization

Other advantages of owning pets are:

People who own pets typically visit the doctor less often and use medication less

Pet owners recover more quickly from illness and surgery

Pet owners deal better with stressful situations

In Feng Shui, healthy, friendly pets raise the ch’i (energy) of the environment.


Animals add much to our lives. Even if we don’t have pets, we can enjoy the benefits of animals by spending time in their environment such as a zoo or animal atrium. One of my friends cannot have a pet in her apartment, so once a month she borrows a friend’s pet and spends time with it. Animals can add much to our lives and support us in enjoying life more.

Coaching Question

How can you enjoy the animals in your life?

Coaching Challenge

Animals can provide many benefits. Over the holiday season create an opportunity for animals to be a part of your celebration.

Daily Success Formula

Pets = Many health benefits


“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. George Eliot

“It is much easier to show compassion to animals. They are never wicked.” Haile Selassie

Here are a few of my favorite things


Oh my, Christmas is just a week away. I am happy to report that my shopping is complete, whew, that is a relief. However, if you haven’t started or still have a few people on your list I have a few suggestions that might assist you.
One of the things I like to do is give my favorite (fav) things as gifts. I know that might sound strange, but often I have a hard time figuring out what my have everything friends would need or want. So instead of driving myself crazy, I give my fav things. This way they get to sample what I like, try something new and enjoy a special treat that is truly a surprise.

One of my most fav things to give is a Starbucks Coffee card. I LOVE Starbucks and I love to give the cards as gifts because even if your friend doesn’t like coffee, they can enjoy a tea or a sweet. I also like Starbucks gift cards because for just five bucks your friend can actually get something. These make great little thank you gifts and little extras. I gave my cleaning ladies Starbucks cards along with a couple of my fav things (Soap and Sugar Scrub) and they were thrilled. For a store near you or to order cards on-line go to (Just a note, if you want more than fifteen cards at one time, I have been known to buy 50 at a time, you will need to order them on-line. Some type of strange Starbucks law).

Another one of my fav things is anything Bert’s Bees. Love it. My fav is the Cuticle Cream. The stuff is great, your friends will love you for it. I also like to buy what I call the Bert’s Bees Starter Kit, they call it The Head To Toe Starter Kit, which has a little bit of everything. If you have never tried Bert’s Bees do yourself a favor and get yourself a Starter Kit for Christmas. Hey you deserve a treat too. For information about Bert’s Bees go to;=10101&catalogId;=10751
Since I am totally into pampering I love self-care gifts. A gift certificate for a massage, pedicure or manicure (or all three) is a great gift. I also love giving self-care gifts and anything from Bath and Body Works is great. My two favs is the Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub (Lavender Vanilla is my fav flavor) and CO Bigelow Ultra Mentha Lip Shine. It comes in tints as well as the clear which is my preference. This store is just filled to the brim with wonderful lotions and potions for women and men (men not as much but there is some things). For a store near you go to
Another one of my fav gifts is food. Not just any food, gourmet yummy delicious food. For starters Godiva Chocolate always makes a great gift. You can give a box of Godiva, a Chocolate Santa or even Hot Chocolate Mix or Chocolate flavored coffee. There is sure to be something for everyone on your list. During the Holidays Godiva has a special, if you spend over $60 you get a small box of chocolates free, spend over $150 you get another larger box for free. The more you buy the more free chocolate you get. I got two free boxes! If you are like me you will give what you bought to your friends and save the bonus chocolates for yourself. After all you deserve a treat for going out to the store and buying it. For a store near you go to

For yummy gourmet food Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods is the place to go. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s in my area which makes me sad, but I did get an opportunity to visit one when I was in New Mexico. The place is amazing and has so many wonderful things in it you will be sure to find something for the people on your list (You can also shop on-line). When I was there I bought sugar scrub and my all time favorite gift, soap. I know, it is an obsession. I love artisan and unusual soaps. I can’t resist buying them and therefore everyone I know gets at least one bar of soap as a gift. I figure it is the perfect addiction, it is practical and indulgent at the same time. Oh and Trader Joe’s has great food items as well. Whole Foods (my friend Eileen calls Whole Foods Whole Paycheck – meaning plan to spend some money but it is worth it) has an array of unusual and yummy foods. I recently have been introduced to Marcona Almonds, they are to die for. When I went to Whole Foods to buy them I couldn’t remember what they were called so I just asked for the strange white almonds and the Whole Foods person knew exactly what I was talking about. These things would make a great gift along with some of the fabulous hand dipped Chocolate Strawberries or yummy Coconut Macaroons. A gift certificate to either of these stores or another fav store is always a welcomed gift. (The only thing about gift certificates is I end up spending more money than what the gift certificate is for, so they are not my fav gifts to give or receive unless of course they are Starbucks!)

Hey I diverge for just a second but I have to share a fav recipe with you. I got it from the same place I found out about the almonds, watching Rachael Ray on FoodTV. Rachael did a great show over Thanksgiving, 60 Minute Thanksgiving Dinner, II. She did a very different type of app array, she calls them Nibbles, which included baked Olives. I made these for our Thanksgiving dinner and everyone was amazed at how good they were. Here is the recipe:

4 cups mixed good quality olives

3 to 4 strips orange peel

3 to 4 strips lemon peel

1 teaspoon crushed red chili pepper flakes

1 teaspoon fennel seeds

2 to 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

Make a double layer pouch of foil for the olives. Add citrus peel, red pepper flakes and fennel seeds to olives then top with olive oil. Seal the pouch and shake it to distribute the spices and oil. Place in hot oven at any temperature (I baked them at 350 degrees) or on outdoor grill to heat them through. (I baked for 15 minutes),,FOOD_9936_34927,00.html?rsrc=search

These were so good. You might want to try them with your holiday meal or just an anytime treat. They were great.

Any of Rachael Ray’s cookbooks make great gifts. Her new book, 2, 4, 6, 8 is fab. The recipes are designed to feed 2 to 8 people, so you can fix a meal for you and someone special or eight of your closest friends. I have given this book to several of my friends. They are going to love it!

If I really love something I will buy everyone on my list the same gift. If the items are small, like a bar of soap, candles, food goodies and the likes, I will put several of them together in a cute bag. I always wrap each gift as it is more fun to open them when they are wrapped. If you feel like it homemade gifts are always nice, but this year it just didn’t happen for me.
Well I hope this helps. The holidays can be fun and fabulous if you simply make them easy by buying your fav things for gifts and sharing what you love with others. Hey, Oprah does it, where in the world do you think I got the idea. I figure I didn’t have to wait to be a billionaire to share what I loved with my friends.
Make it a great day,
Rachelleisms –
Fav – Favorite
App = Appetizers

Holiday Greetings


I recently wrote a day about sending out Holiday Greetings. After the Day went out my sister and I had a conversation about sending out cards. After the death of our parents last year we have some how lost interest in sending out cards. I just don’t enjoy it as much as I did and I am not sure I want to tell a bunch of people I don’t keep in touch with except for once a year what I am doing. Do they even care?

Although I struggled with the idea I did send out about 40 cards, the majority of those went to clients and close friends. I am also sending out a card to anyone I get one from but didn’t include in the first batch. I also didn’t do a holiday letter as I have in the past. Instead I wrote personal notes in each one, just felt like that was making more of a connection.

I am still not sure what I think about sending holiday cards but I do know I enjoy recieving them. What about you, what do you think about sending out cards?


The Day about Cards

Ready, Set, Lick Those Stamps

Many people will be sending out holiday greetings this year. You can get the jump on the rush if you start now. If you bought your cards last year at the after Christmas sale (you know who you are) now is the time to remember where you stored them. If you were not as prepared that is fine, there is still a great collection at your local card store or, as I have noticed, even the grocery store is carrying greeting cards. If you prepare now and are at the ready, your greeting cards can be out before Valentine’s Day with less stress and fuss.

Thinking it might be nice to make your greeting cards this year? Scrap that idea. My friend Eileen who makes her own cards started back in September. If you so desire that might be something to put on the list for next time. If you would like to include one of those typed letters that is copied and sent to everyone (Hey! It is better than just signing your name) you need to prepare the letter now. Make it short and simple and throw in a few funny things that happened during the year. If you prefer to write a personal note to each person (my mother sent out over 100 cards every year with a handwritten note in each card) now is the time to start. Just a few lines will do. This is a great activity to do while watching television. Also, this doesn’t have to be a do-it-yourself project. Enlist the help of other family members or even invite friends over and have a card night. If you want to send cards it should be enjoyable. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.

Another great idea for sending cards is creating your own personalized stamps. If you are in the U.S., you can create U.S. postage stamps with a picture of your children, pets or entire family. It cost a little more than regular postage but adds a little extra cheer to your greetings. Visit