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How to Survive the Holidays at the Office

How to survive the holidays at the office.

The holidays can be a fun and frustrating time at work. There is so much to do, and on top of everything, here comes the holidays. Well do not despair, there are some ways you can make the holidays fun and festive without falling apart.

First, be reasonable. Do not take on more than you can handle. Learn to say no when you cannot or do not want to participate, donate, or coordinate. Saying no to things you do not want to do will leave more time for those things you do want to do.

You do not have to give a gift to everyone that works for the company. If gifts are given in the office, suggest a gift exchange where everyone picks a name and buys just one gift. Or perhaps even a Secret Santa drawing where no one knows who has whose name and gifts are given everyday for one to two weeks before Christmas. This can be a fun way to spread the cheer and create a festive mood. If you want to give gifts to the secretary’s, receptionist, people in the mailroom, or your team, make the gifts small tokens of your appreciation. Things such as homemade goodies and crafts, certificates for coffee at a favorite coffee shop, or even a small potted plant will be appreciated and not break the bank. If you want to give gifts to your customers or outside vendors, check and see what the policy and procedures are with your company and theirs. Some companies only allow small token gifts, while others will except something worth a larger monetary amount. So not do disappoint or do something that is not politically correct, check first and give second.

Remember that although the majority of people in the United States celebrate Christmas, not everyone does. Be considerate of those that are celebrating other holidays or not celebrating at all. One way to create an atmosphere of mutual respect is to have a pot luck and ask everyone to share how they celebrate their holiday. If someone does not celebrate a holiday during this time of year, ask him or her to share a special occasion that they do celebrate. This way everyone will have a chance to share what is important to him or her and everyone will understand better what is important to members of their team. Once everyone has a better understanding of why somebody is doing what they do, it is easier to respect and appreciate the differences.

Things tend to slow down between Christmas and New Year’s. This can be a great time to do some chores around the office. Clean out files and bookcases. Refill calendars and catch up on correspondence and any backlog from the year. This can even be a great time to do some strategic planning for the New Year. What new projects would you like to work on, what career goals would be interesting to pursue this year, and how what would you like to see happen in the New Year that was missing in last year. Taking time to think about and plan what you want to happen in the New Year gives you a great frame work in which to turn those plans into actions.

With everything else you have to do at work, the Holidays can just be another thing to do. Or you can give yourself permission not to be caught up in all the hustle and bustle, do what you can do, and pace yourself. Keep in mind what the holidays are all about for you and simply enjoy the festive spirit that comes with the season.

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Being Less than Jolly During the Holiday Season

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Being Less than Jolly During the Holiday Season

1. Make a plan and stick with it. Write down on your calendar what needs to be done and by when. This will keep you on track, as things become increasingly hectic.

2. Having a Hallmark Christmas would be wonderful, but let’s be realistic. More than likely not everything is going to turn out to be just the way you planned. Don’t try to make everything perfect. Do the best you can, and let the rest go.

3. Not everything has to be homemade. In today’s world, some of the best goodies and treats can be found in your supermarket. Decide which two or three cookies and candies you will make. Select one day or evening to bake and make, box or freeze the goodies, and call it done.

4. Make a budget and stick with it.If you are one of those organized savers that opens a Holiday Club account at your local bank, all you have to do is go to the bank and pick up your money. If you are like the rest of us, decide how much you can take out of your current budget. If you plan on using credit cards, decide how much you will charge, and keep track. Remember that you do have to pay them back beginning in January.

5. Homemade cards are wonderful, but do you really have time?Unless you began making your cards in June, forget it. Buying them will be just fine. Including a handwritten note in each one is a nice touch; however, unless you started six months ago, let it go. I know many people disdain those form holiday letters, but they are better than receiving a card that is simply signed Don and Diane. Since holiday cards are the only time we hear from some people, including a holiday letter helps us keep in touch with our once-a-year friends.

6. You do not have to attend every holiday event.Limit the number of holiday events you will attend. You simply don’t have the time to go to every single party, tree decorating event, and craft show that will be happening during this busy time of the year. Decide what you want to attend, RSVP in advance, and enjoy.

7. If you are hosting a party or holiday dinner, don’t try to cook it all.If you are hosting a holiday event, consider having some, if not all, of it catered. If that isn’t in the budget this year, ask the guest to bring their favorite dish to share. This way you will only have to provide some of the food and will have the time and energy to enjoy your guest.

8. Ask for help.You don’t have to do everything. Get the family involved. Everything is more fun when done with others. Get help decorating the tree, baking the goodies, and addressing the cards.

9. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.The holidays are not the time to abandon your routine. Keep going to the gym, eating healthy foods, and taking time to relax. The holidays can be stressful and keeping up with our self-care will help to reduce the stress and allow us to enjoy the season.

10. Remember what the holidays are all about.Beyond the gifts and glitter, this holiday is really about connecting with friends and family, and celebrating the love we have in our lives. Keep in mind what is important about this time of year. Celebrate the important things and relax in the joy of the season.

Tama Kieves upcoming guest on Live the Day

Tune into Live the Day with Coach LeeSunday Mornings at 8:30 a.m. MT on AM 710

Next show is Sunday, December 3, 2006.

Coach Lee’s special guest is Tama Kieves

“Day’ for discussion – “Do What You Love and the Joy Will Follow”

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Live the Day with Coach Lee is now a Syndicated Radio Show

Live the Day with Coach Leeis now a Nationally Syndicated Radio Show!!

One of my goals for 2006 was to have my own local radio show, which happened. The reason I wanted to have a local radio show was I knew that was the first step to having a syndicated show. I actually didn’t plan to syndicate until the first of 2007, but opportunity knocked and I answered. Live the Day with Coach Lee will be aired on five stations beginning December 2, 2006. The show will be heard on:

Sundays at 12 noon on WLMR AM 1450, Chattanooga, TN
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The show will continue to air on 710 KNUS on Sundays 8:30 a.m. in Denver. I am very excited and, of course, am setting a very high goal to add more stations in the New Year!

A replacement for the Purple Lady


Well we have a replacement for the Purple Lady. I am fondly calling her “The Golden Girl.” And yes that is my picture. We will be using this graphic on the e-zine and other promotional copy.

Live the Day


Back from LA


I think I just committed the number one blogging sin, I haven’t blogged for over a week. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long, whew time flies when one is busy.

I flew out to LA last week to attend the On-line Success Blueprint Workshop with The E-Zine Queen. The workshop was amazing and I came home with my head stuffed full of ideas, not to mention a binder that is stuffed with information as well. It was well worth the time, effort and cold I caught while I was there.

Last week I wrote in one of the Days that I had put meeting the Queen down on my list of 100 things I wanted to do before I die list. Well I did get to meet the Queen, but not quite who I was thinking about when I put that on my list. I meant the Queen of England. A lesson in the need to be very specific when you are making request and setting your intentions.
I had also mentioned that I had put on my list of 100 things to do before I die that I wanted to have my picture on a US Postage Stamp (and not be dead when it happened). Well that actually happened also, I did get my picture on a US Postage Stamp. Really cool. It is a tad bit more than one would pay for a regular stamp, but so much more fun. Check it out at Would be great for the holidays or any occassion where you don’t just want to use an ordinary stamp.
If you are up in the morning, Thursday November 16 at 7:50am mt tune into Sassy 107FM. I will be doing a five minute spot with Gloria the host of the morning show. The topic is “Your life is not a Democoracy.” Should be fun. Hopefully I will have my voice back and won’t go into a coughing fit.
Speaking of Radio, Karen Van Cleve will be my guest this Sunday on Live the Day with Coach Lee. Coach Karen is the author of 66 Simple Secrets to Save Your Sanity. The topic of the show is “If at first you don’t succeed, join the club.” This was a day I wrote awhile back and points out that the road to success is through failure. If you are in the local Denver Metro area you can listen to the show on 710 KNUS. If you are outside of the area you can listen on your computer at If you miss the show on Sunday you can listen to it about a week later on my website We usually have the last couple of shows streaming for those who missed it or simply want to listen to them again.
I have to tell you the best part about going to California. I flew in a day early and spent the afternoon and evening a the Peninsula Beverly Hills. It was amazing. I had lunch pool side on the terrace, which is on the roof of the hotel. There were amazingly beautiful people just hanging out. After lunch I went to the Spa and had a two hour massage with Rose Mary, hands down the best massage I have ever had. Then I had a pedicure with Irene, an Ice Cream pedicure to be specific. No I didn’t soak my feet in ice cream, all the lotions and potions they used for the pedicure were ice cream flavors. Irene also brought me a glass of champagne, my second while at the hotel (had one for lunch with my $25.00 fish tacos) and a light snack of dried apricots and nuts. After my pedicure I went downstairs to the lobby and had tea with all the trimmings (yes another class of champagne). It was wonderful just sitting there watching all the beautiful people. I was hoping to spot a start but to tell you the truth they all looked like stars. If you are ever in Beverly Hills with a free afternoon this is a must do.
Well I think we are all caught up. I will let you know how the show goes tomorrow. Should be fun.
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The Science of Getting Rich


In today’s day I mention the book by Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich. To obtain your own copy of the book (it is free) go to I have just finished the book and it is amazing. Hard to believe it was written almost 100 years ago.

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Listen to Live the Day with Coach Lee Sunday Morning


Listen to Live the Day with Coach Lee On 710 KNUS Sunday Mornings at 8:30am mt. If you are not in the Denver Metro area you can listen on This weeks guest is Dawn Chivers. Dawn and I will be discussing how to have the best day of your life, every day!

You can listen to past shows by clicking on

Live the Day with Coach Lee is based on my award winning e-zine 365 Days of Coaching. Each week a subscriber and I discuss one of their favorite issues of 365 Days of Coaching and how it impacted their life.

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The Purple Lady is Missed


I haven’t heard a lot but I have had a few comments about the Purple Lady and how much she will be missed. Gail, a member of 365 DOC wrote to me with this to say:

Change is always a challenge, even for those of us who have change catalyst
functions as our job — including coaches.

I trust your direction in changing the graphics but I will also miss the
purple lady. The graphic was really powerful for me – every time I saw it.

What the one graphic conveyed to me was:
-my life as a magazine (sort of like “your life as a movie” concept)
-the expression for me was a combination of hope (excitement, fun, joy) and
the “oh &*(#” side of daily life (the surprises, whacks upside the head,
the life of life). It was a daily reminder for me that finding a way to
expect, prepare for and gracefully handle the “oh &*(#” side of life is something
of personal value to me and that I will never be able to expect a static
environment in life so I want to embrace it all, to roll with it, to move
through it, to mold what I have control over.
-the “life happens” really popped in that graphic, which was a valuable
daily reminder because of my previous comment
-the purple lady also conveyed an energy and personal connection similar to
the expression you’d see on a long-lost friend who has just seen you. It
drove home the personalization that you have embedded in the text of the
daily messages when you include our individual names – it was a “Gail, I’m SOOOO gl
ad to see you” day after day.

As I write this I guess I will miss the purple lady. I can also let her go
and move on….but you may need to write a coaching day tip to help me
through that.

Gail makes a great point, change is challenging even for those of us who do it for a living. I find change to be challenging, even when the change is for the better. It is about letting go of what is familiar and that can be hard. Some people say they thrive on change, I don’t know if I believe that or not. I believe there are people who thrive on adrenaline and they get that from change, or even creating change that might not even be necessary. That is a whole different story. But embracing change as a life process and working through it is a positive healthy thing to do. Change is going to happen, but growth is optional.

Live the Day


The only constant is change


Well not everyone is happy that the Purple Lady is leaving us. I received this comment from one of the members of 365 DOC Shoshana, who had this to say about the Purple Lady:

“Hi Coach~ gee, I’m sad to see the purple lady go ( since I’m a ‘purple person’) but have to say I do like the new look. One of my favorite things to remember is that one of the biggest paradoxes of life is that the only constant is change!

I love that Shoshana pointed out that the only constant is change. And even when the change is positive it can be challenging.

Live the Day


Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there!
– Will Rogers