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Grease Monkey Comes Through


In the Day “I must have missed that in the training” I discussed my experience at Grease Monkey and how I was disappointed that I was treated poorly because I didn’t know their process. My friend Kathryn Severns suggested I write them a letter and include a copy of the Day. Well being a good student I did as suggested and within a few days Jeff from my local Grease Monkey called me to apologize. He said he was “very sad” and that it should never have happened. Their goal, Jeff informed me was to make the customer happy. I could have parked my car across the street and it would be okay with him (or so he said). Customer satisfaction is job number one! Wow can you imagine. Isn’t that great.

I have to say Grease Monkey has always been great, and they care! Click here to see if there is a Grease Monkey near you.

Well that isn’t the end of the story. Remember I told you about the Spa that I went to and was disappointed because I didn’t know their process and they didn’t know to tell me what it was. It just so happens that I know the coach of the owner of the spa and I told the coach what had happened. She of course told the Spa owner and within days I had a letter and a box full of wonderful pampering goodies. The owner wrote a nice letter apologizing for the situation and telling me it would not happen again. She also included a 50% discount coupon for future services. Hey I will be back, and you should go to. The Spa is Betty’s Bath in Albuquerque New Mexico. Click here for more information.

Both Jeff and the Spa owner thanked me for telling them the problem and giving them the opportunity to fix it. Jeff stressed how thankful he was and what a favor I was doing him. He said, “You know I can’t fix it if no one tells me about it.” Well that is very true.

If you have a problem with service or a product let the company know. They can’t fix it if you don’t tell them. The worst thing that can happen to a business is the customer doesn’t complain, walks away and never comes back. Even worse they will tell all their friends what a terrible experience they had and that isn’t the kind of word of mouth you want.

If you are a business owner or manager, thank those few customers that care enough to complain. They are doing you a big favor.

Live the Day


My first comment on the blog

I have my first comment on my new blog, thanks Alyson. The comment was about creating a hyper link which to tell you the truth I have no idea what Alyson is talking about but I think I might have figured it out.

What is amazing to me is how much there is to learn about blogging, which is great. I love learning, studies show it keeps your mind alert and staves off illness, what isn’t to love. But so many people shy away from learning because of fear of failure, looking stupid or making a fool of themselves. The truth is you might look stupid and you may make a fool of yourself when you are learning, but it is well worth it. The awkwardness will soon be replaced with a new sense of power and a increased level of self confidence and self esteem.

“Everyone ages but the only people that truly get old are those that stop learning.” Coach Lee


I must have missed that in the training – Day From Friday October 20, 2006


Today’s day talked about companies and their employees that assume as customers we know their process and procedure. I told about a situation at Grease Monkey and how the employee was rude to me because I didn’t know the new process. I told him “I must have missed that in the Grease Monkey customer training.” I don’t mean to pick on Grease Monkey, they certainly are not alone. I recently visited a spa in New Mexico that thought I should know that it was part of their process to provide a bathing suit to visiting guest that didn’t have one and that I should know I had to tell the cashier that I wanted to put the tip on my credit card before she processed my purchase. The massage was great, but how I was treated by the rest of the staff rubbed me the wrong way. It is really too bad, it was a nice place, just missed the mark when it came to customer service.

One of the members of 365 Days of Coaching Kathryn Severns emailed me and said I should send the day to Grease Monkey – what a fabulous idea Kathryn. I goggled them and found they are locally located, which surprised me. It also surprised me that they didn’t have an email address listed. But I do have a stamp so I will be mailing the day off to Grease Monkey today.

The idea behind the day is as the customer you don’t have to feel stupid because you don’t know what the process and procedures are of the company you are buying something from. Please! In addition this is a good concept to keep in mind. When you are on the other side of the counter don’t treat your customer like a dummy because they don’t know how your operations work.

Make it a great weekend.

Live the Day

Launching the Blog


Well here I am, I finally launched a blog. My friend Alyson Stanfield ( a long time blogger will be amazed that I am finally here. I have been talking about getting a blog for months, she will be glad I finally did it and can shut up about it. No really Alyson, thanks for the encouragement!

I have to be honest I didn’t do it on my own. I tried but after hours of fooling around with several programs, including this one, I called in the professionals. Pat Velte of Whitewing Design ( helped me pull in all together. Thanks Pat, I hope I don’t end up bugging you too much trying to figure it all out.

My friend Robyn Logan will be amazed that I have a blog, I haven’t been much of a fan however I have changed my ways and see the benefit. I am an avid reader of several blogs and really enjoy it. It seems to be a much less formal way to communicate with more personal information. I am also hoping spelling and grammar are not going to count against me as much!

The blog will be focused and based on my daily fee based newsletter, 365 Days of Coaching. (www.365daysofcoaching) If you subscribe you will find more in-depth comments about the day made on the blog, be able to post comments about the day and find additional resources. If you don’t subscribe you should (enough said).

I also plan on sharing pictures and other items of interest as soon as I figure that all out. So stay tuned, it should be a lot of fun, at least I hope so.

Live the Day