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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Pillsbury Dough Boy


Today is the birthday of the Pillsbury Dough Boy! As I child I just loved that little guy and I love when he would giggle after getting poked in the tummy.

If you would like to have some Dough Boy fun, visit the Homeschooling website, you can even create a Dough Boy dance - I spent way too much time doing that.

Here is a little Dough Boy Trivia thanks to Mary Bellis on

The Pillsbury Doughboy: his formal name is Poppin' Fresh, the only music he ever performed was rap, he is all dough, he has blue eyes, he always wears a bakers hat and scarf, he originates from Minneapolis, MN, he loves to bake and twenty years ago he had a wife and two pets, Uncle Rollie and Grandmommer and Grandpopper. (no mention what happened to the family!)

If you would like the entire History of Poppin' Fresh visit the General Mills site. You will know all you ever needed to know about the Dough Boy.

So there you have it. Happy Birthday Poppin' Fresh!



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