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Friday, December 28, 2007

Blooming Tea


One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year came from my dear friend Alyson Stanfield. It was a blooming tea ball. I had never seen or heard of this, of course a little research on the Internet reveals that I have been living under a rock! I simply Googled Blooming Tea Ball and came up with 1000's of sites. In addition I discovered half of dozen videos on YouTube. For your viewing pleasure I have included my favorite. I have to say that my blooming tea ball didn't look as beautiful as what is displayed in the video but it was still exciting, fun and delicious.

I also had a very strange experience when drinking my tea. I have a cup of tea every evening right before I go to bed. Because Alyson had given me this wonderful gift I decided to have my blooming tea ball the evening I received it. I made my tea in the kitchen and went upstairs to the loft where my husband was watching television. Just as I sat down to enjoy my beautiful cup of tea, Marie Antoinette (my husband was watching a movie about Marie Antoinette) sat down with her brother and said, "Oh you must try the tea, the Emperor of China sent it to me. It blooms when you pour water on it." I couldn't believe it, Marie and I were drinking the same tea! I had never heard of or seen this tea before and now Marie and I were there sharing a cup of it, together, sort of. I know it was a sign!

Check out the video, it is pretty cool. If you can't find the tea locally it appears there are plenty of places to purchase it on-line. Get this, you actually can get it at Target on-line. It isn't something you would drink everyday, but would make a great tea for serving guest or special occasions. It also makes great gifts. I loved mine.

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