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50 Insights in 50 Years – A broken heart is a badge of honor

Insight 37

A broken heart is a badge of honor – The saddest thing I have ever heard was when one of my friends said she had never had a broken heart. What this meant is she had never been in love! If you love you will end up with at least one broken heart. Like the saying goes, “It is better to have loved and lost than to never love at all.” I have had my heart broke more than once and given the chance to do it again, I would in a “heart beat.” I would rather experience love and lose it than never experience it at all.

50 Insights in 50 Years – Keep the beginners mind

Insight 36

Keep the beginners mind – Don’t ever get to the point where you think you know it all. You can’t, it isn’t possible. There are people who spend their entire lives studying something and still don’t know it all. I met a man at a party once who spent his entire life researching the sex life of the sea urchin. No I am not kidding you. And he said after thirty years he still didn’t know all there was to know about it. Keep learning! One of my favorite sayings “When you are green you are growing and when you are ripe you rot.”

50 Insights in 50 Years – Talk to Strangers

Insight 35

Talk to strangers – As a child it isn’t safe to speak to strangers – however as an adult you won’t survive in the world if you don’t. You have to ask for directions, order meals and pay for your purchases. All require that you talk to strangers. Also speaking to people you meet along the way makes life more pleasurable, you will learn a lot and who knows, that stranger you speak to may become a friend.

50 Insights in 50 Years – No Potty Mouth Please

Insight 34

No potty mouth please – In my younger years I could swear with the best of them, and on occassion I still do in the privacy of my own home. However when out in public, at work or with friends keep the language clean. It sounds better, creates better energy and to be honest the people around you just don’t want to hear it.

50 Insights in 50 Years – Complaining isn't the same as taking action

Insight 33

Complaining isn’t the same as taking action – I know it might seem that when you are complaining about something you are actually doing something, well you aren’t. Shut up and stop complaining and take that energy and do something about whatever it is your unhappy with.

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50 Insightes in 50 Years – Accept it or change it

Insight 32

Accept it or change it – You basically have two choices when it comes to things in your life. You can either accept them or change them. If you indeed decide to accept things the way they are that is fine however that means you give up the right to complain about them. Acceptance means you embrace what is without complaint.

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50 Insights in 50 Years – Don't Wear Granny Underwear

Insight 31

Don’t wear granny underwear – It dawned on me one day just because I was getting older didn’t mean I had to wear old fashion granny underwear. So I threw all my white cotton underwear away and headed off to Victoria Secrets! I now feel good all under.

50 Insights in 50 Years

Insight 30

Your health is your wealth – If you don’t have your health you have nothing. I watched my parents lose it all when their health gave out. It isn’t a fun experience! Do whatever you can to maintain your health and everything else will follow.