Worry is an Act of Disbelief

Published by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee
Thursday, November 1, 2001


When we worry, we are telling ourselves that something is not going to work, something bad is going to happen, or that we are out of control. Worry is about not believing that we can do anything about the situation. We are victims of approaching circumstance.

Often we cannot control what is going on around us. What we can control is the way we react to what is happening around us. This doesn't mean that we should not be concerned, or sad, or even angry. Those emotions are real and as humans unavoidable. But worry doesn't support us in any positive way. Worry isn't a real emotion; it is a manufactured emotion. Worry keeps us from feeling our true emotions such as grief, sadness and disappointment.


Stop worrying and start feeling. If you feel like being sad, concerned, or even disappointed, then go ahead. Let yourself feel deeply what is happening in your life. The deeper you feel the sadness the deeper you will feel the happiness. As humans we were created to feel and our feelings are what make us so uniquely human. To deny our feelings is to deny ourselves one of the greatest pleasures of being human.

Worry is not an emotion. It is created by the mind and keeps us in turmoil. Letting go of worry frees us to feel what is real. Worry can keep us from feeling freely which may be the reason we choose to worry.

Are you getting a benefit out of worry?

Daily Success Formula

Worry + Inaction = Numbing of emotions


"Some people think they are concentrating when they're merely worrying." Bobby Jones

"Overcoming fear and worry can be accomplished by living a day at a time or even a moment at a time. Your worries will be cut down to nothing." Robert Anthony

"Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight." Benjamin Franklin

Coach Rachelle Disbennett-Lee


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