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“If you want to tap into your right life and the juicy power of your dreams—you’ll want to think and act differently. Rachelle offers an abundance of simple, bite-size prompts and strategies to help you do just that.”

Tama J. Kieves, bestselling author of "This Time I Dance!" Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love/How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All!

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Live The Day: Today

Why Everyday?

I have been asked why I publish 365 Days of Coaching every day. Well, other than the name, the concept came to me as I was thinking of the kind of support I needed to accomplish what I wanted to do. I started 365 Days of Coaching so I could write a book. I knew that it would take consistent and persistent progress to make that happen. Creating a daily action was what it took for me accomplish my goal.

Experience has taught me that, if we want to accomplish something, we must focus on it. Creating daily structure creates the focus necessary for attaining our goals. Even if all we do is visualize or pray on what we want daily, we are still consistently doing something. It is that something that creates our dreams into reality.

Life happens everyday. It does not happen monthly or bi-weekly. Life moves on with or without us. Daily action creates what we want. If we would decide to lose weight we would not just eat right and exercise once a month, twice a month or once a week. To accomplish the goal of healthier living, we must do something every day. All goals are like that. The focus and action must be done daily in order to create the momentum and energy it takes to make what we want happen.

I have been told that every day is overwhelming and way too much. I agree, but I didn’t set up the structure of life. Life happens every day and can be overwhelming and way too much. That is again why it is so important for us to focus and take daily action so that we have some say in what happens. If we simply let life go by, it will. Whether we take action or not doesn’t matter to life. Life skips along. If we want to create what we say we want, then we must be willing to do something every day.


It is the daily action that will create the result that you seek. We can’t just do something once a month, twice a month or even weekly and expect great results. Action is the only thing that is going to move us forward and support us in obtaining what we want.

Yes, daily is a lot. Trust me! No one knows that better than I. But, what is the alternative? If we do not want to take the time every day to create what we want, what are we really saying? Perhaps it is not important, we want something else, or we are happy with the way things are and do not want to change. Be honest with yourself about where your level of commitment is to what you say you want. It is okay not to want to do a daily action. Realize that the results you are looking for may take much longer to create.

Coaching Question

What daily action do you need to incorporate into your life to create what you say you want?


This week write down your most important goals and what daily actions you will take to move toward the completion of those goals.

Daily Success Formula

Daily Action + Focus + Commitment = Results


“You’re more likely to act yourself into feeling than feel yourself into action. So act! Whatever it is you know you should do, do it.” Jerome Brunet

“You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream; you’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.” Diana Ross