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“If you want to tap into your right life and the juicy power of your dreams—you’ll want to think and act differently. Rachelle offers an abundance of simple, bite-size prompts and strategies to help you do just that.”

Tama J. Kieves, bestselling author of "This Time I Dance!" Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love/How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All!

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The Lost Goal

To achieve a goal, we usually have to change from the inside out. We must change the way we think and feel. This is the challenge that can make achieving goals so difficult and so rewarding.

If you have lost one of your goals, it might not be because of the goal. It may be because you were not ready to change your thoughts and feelings about that goal. In order to achieve the goal, an inner realignment must occur. Are you willing to do what it takes to make the inside changes necessary to reach the goal? If not, be honest with yourself and know that, until you are ready on the inside, nothing is going to happen on the outside.

One of my goals for this year was to lose weight, only it hasn’t happened. I started and stopped so many times, and then finally just stopped. I have to be honest. I am neither ready nor willing to work on the weight goal right now. I am ready to do other goals, like change my eating habits, slowly, and exercise. The lost goal – losing weight – hasn’t been thrown away, but to focus on something I am not ready or willing to do is a waste of time.

If you lost a goal and are not ready to find it, let it go. Stop talking about it. Stop beating yourself up over it, and stop saying “if only.” When you are ready, if you are ever ready, you can always go back and find the goal. Until then, pick a goal you are willing, able, and ready to work on. Success breeds success. Once you achieve one goal you may be ready to reclaim your lost goal.


Lost goals are dangerous because we see them as personal failures. Stop! If you are not ready to go for a goal, let it go. Focus on the goals that you are ready to achieve and put your energy into more positive directions. Once you get the momentum of success rolling, you might find yourself discovering your lost goals with the commitment to take them on.

Coaching Question

Should you leave your lost goals lost for now?

Coaching Challenge

Let it go. If you are not ready, that is okay. Simply focus on what you are ready for. You may find that by focusing on what you can do you will have the courage and energy to do those more challenging goals, or you might find out that you are just as happy without achieving the goal.

Daily Success Formula

Goals + Lack of Desire + Not Being Ready = Lost


“When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.” Greg Anderson